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Four Shot After Police Warned 170 Times

This club was no stranger to law enforcement.

After-hours clubs have grown in popularity, almost to a level not seen since the jazz heyday of yesteryear. However, some places are very risky to attend, as the Sun Sentinal reported today.

In the wee hours of Monday morning, at Club Tropicante in Deerfield Beach, Florida, gunfire erupted and a crowd of people were seen fleeing the area. It was 2:30 a.m. when four individuals were confirmed to have been shot “at the club at 4251 N. Dixie Highway.” Miya Hall has been enjoying herself prior to the violence and said that she had the misfortune of standing beside one of those gunned down. She reported seeing nothing but “blood, everywhere” as she spoke of the horror.

My first instinct was to hit the ground and start praying, so I hit the ground and started praying instantly,” the survivor continued.

Hall believes that someone hit the man with the gun and that the fight blossomed from there.

Three men and one lady were reported to have been the victims and they “were taken to Broward Health North with injuries” where they are said to have no sustained life-threatening injuries.

It has not been reported as to whether anyone was taken into custody but it is known that the club has had a troubled history in this area of Broward County.

In 2015, officials were working to call the club a “public nuisance” and commissioners had responded to more than 170 calls to the property in only three years. This is the kind of behavior that often leads to flourishing ideas and progress being halted as some participants can not seem to conduct themselves in a responsible manner.

A year ago, two shootings happened near Club Tropicante in just one weekend and one those gunned down had just left the establishment. Rocky Pericles, the manager, said that club was being unfairly blamed for the actions in the area.

If anything happens, they want to put it on us,” the manager stated.

Perhaps, to some degree, that is true. Just the same, when a place is, for whatever reason, allowing the security to become lax enough that 170 calls are made to police, the fault can not only lie in the system.

Meanwhile, society has to decide if nice places and a decent nightlife are something that they want.  Do they want tax dollars from local bars and do they wish to be able to open businesses that allow for it?

If so, it would be wise to police themselves before the whole idea is shot down.