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Fox News VP Under Investigation After ‘Spiked Stories’ Allegations

Fox was not doing their job when it came to publishing the truth about President Trump.

WARNING: This story contains truncated vulgarities which some readers may find to be offensive. 

The urban myth is that Fox News is solidly conservative just because many of their hosts are. This mistake is seen quite vividly in the Pundit where it has reported that “officials” are probing “a top executive who has reportedly allowed” his anti-Trump viewpoints to halt Fox News “from publishing breaking political and national security stories that” painted the president in a positive light.

Any stories that made the administration look good were also shelved and now “Vice President of News & its D.C. bureau Managing Editor is under investigation” for his biased actions. Stories detailing F.B.I. corruption were hushed even as Trump tweeted about them by this “never Trumper.” There were “national security exposés uncovering corruption during the Barack Obama administration” that were filed away in the trashcan, too. All factual stories that could have proven Mr. Trump’s points were “spiked,” souces have said.

Bill Sammon is in charge of “FOX’s behemoth D.C. bureau operation” and he works as the Vice President of news. His personal views were inserted into articles written by other writers and he “dictated” which stories were going to be covered. Complaints have now been “filed against the top editor and executive.”

It seems that not only are they not very “Fair and balanced,” but what they are reporting on has already long been decided!

Sammon is a never-Trumper,” admitted one source. “He hates Trump’s guts and has spiked just about every story that could make Trump look good. That includes FBI corruption because it vindicates the president for firing (James) Comey and hammering (Andrew) McCabe.

Gone is the myth of Fox being anything but a RINO when it comes to the G.O.P., too. This, of course, was seen when then-Senator Ron Paul was hugely popular and his campaign was ignored or mocked by the network. His son, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), was hardly treated much better when he ran, both of them not in line with the views of the standard fair Republican Party.

As the list below shows, the bias is even starker in this case, however. The stories given the ax were:

  • An Eric Schneiderman story linking the now-disgraced former New York attorney general to a clandestine movement of government officials to unseat Trump from the White House.
  • FBI-related scandals involving Andrew McCabe, James Comey and more FBI top brass.
  • The FBI’s investigation of Gen. Mike Flynn
  • Justice Department and FBI corruption linked to the bogus Trump dossier and problematic FISA court warrants and wiretaps.
  • Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch infamous tarmac meeting.
  • The Susan Rice unmasking story which included other implicated members of the Obama administration. Those additional administration officials were never identified by FOX although stories detailing their involvement were completed.
  • New revelations about former Attorney General Eric Holder’s criminal role in the Fast & Furious gun-running scandal.
  • New revelations about Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s role in the tainted Benghazi debacle.
  • Additional stories.”

One Fox News source said, “Sammon is compromised” and said that he was “an activist.” Even though Mr. Trump won the White House, if this kind of bias and plotting are allowed to fester, the re-election campaign could be over before it begins.

Sammon was quite comfortable adding sections to articles that were not fact-based or part of what the reporter writing it had researched and vetted. “We were wrong on a big big story because Sammon insisted on adding unsolicited material to stories,” the same unnamed source stated.

The person added, “He put his own sh*t into a big story. You don’t do this kind of thing.

Sammon’s corruption is clearer to see when one recalls that he has written doting books about President George W. Bush and is friends with the Bush family to this day. Mr. Trump, as has been established, is no friend of the family that many world leaders see as a war criminal.

It’s a f*cking mess. Total mess,” said a source called a “vet” of the station.

It is interesting to note that many people who feel that Mr. Trump will go after those who have thus far broken the law and faced no charges (like, perhaps, “Crooked” Hilary Clinton) after his innocence is proven in total just got a bit closer to having their opinion vindicated. The red phone of Attorney Jeff Sessions could ring at any moment.

If so, maybe even Fox will report on it….but let’s not hold our collective breath.