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Fukushima’s Radioactivity ‘Explodes’ As WWII Bomb Found Minutes From Nuclear Wasteland

This reactor building already looks like it was bombed. How much more can it take?

After the 2011 earthquake began a nuclear meltdown at Fukushima in Japan, a massive tidal wave roared in and utterly demolished the plant and three (some say four) of their reactors. We have learned today from Fox News that radiation levels are higher now than they have been since the accident happened, and believe it or not, a bomb was found at the TEPCO/GE site!

A worker found what is thought to be a World War Two era bomb while digging at a parking lot that is less than one mile away from the toxic plant. As the radioactivity explodes figuratively, this literal bomb is only minutes from the nuclear wasteland.

If so much as a sneeze rocks one of the damaged reactor buildings in the next FORTY YEARS that is what it will take to dismantle the plant (once we create the technology to approach it, which we currently don’t), the amount of radiation that will be released, should it topple, could easily be an extinction event for mankind.

That is not an over exaggeration. It is not hyperbole nor analogy, but actual fact. So, needless to say, finding a bomb nearby was quite worrisome.

The plant has “closed off” the area, we are told, and it is said that the find will not at all derail the work being done to try and fix this unsolvable problem.

The place where the bomb was discovered was once a “wartime airport” and was “fire bombed” by the United States during World War Two, Fox also tells us.

The last thing that Fukushima needs is a bomb going off anywhere near the area.

This is NOT what one wants to see near a damaged nuclear power plant, yet this (pictured) is what TEPCO/GE found there anyhow.

Even if the device did not rattle the buildings, any disturbance that spreads the radiation around (like an explosion) would increase the damage even beyond what is happening daily.

There is no way to really convey how bad this disaster is. Sadly, no matter what the Japanese do, this problem just finds more and more hurdles.

Now we can “bomb removal” to the list.

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