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GOP Head Plotting “Corruption Report,” But For Government Agency As “Talks” Yield Results

Representative Devin Nunes will get to the truth.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes is working hard. He and others have been determined to get to the truth and that tenacity has led to a corrupt FBI.

Now Nunes and his supporters in the House are quietly building their case at the same time Special Counsel Mueller is still desperately trying to hold his investigation together.

Republicans will not speak about it. Multiple lawmakers have declined to comment on “talks behind closed doors” but the results are beginning to show even now.

Representative Devin Nunes will get to the truth.

Pieces of the corrupt tower built by Obama, Hillary, and other high-level Democrats over the past 10 years are finally beginning to fall. The end may very well be in sight.

The report that the Republicans are compiling would focus on the misconduct by FBI officials during the “Russian collusion” probe of the last 17 months. While the FBI is finally being forced to admit the collusion dossier may not have been reliable enough to base an investigation on, they will not drop that same investigation.

At the same time, high-ranking FBI officials are being found undeniably biased and guilty of interference. How many have to fall before the left admits it was all a scheme?

The Democrats, past and present lawmakers, insist that President Trump leave the Mueller investigation alone. He has repeatedly stated he will not interfere. Really, why should he?

Mueller’s team is being exposed as completely corrupt and no evidence has been found to indicate misconduct by the president.

Reports state that a group of House Republicans is slowly gathering their case. Senior leaders at the Justice Department and FBI could even be held criminally responsible for the mishandling of the investigation.

To those who recognize reality, it is far past time that Democrats were forced to answer for their misconduct. So far, they make up the majority of those found to be actually guilty of something.

Source: The Gateway Pundit