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GOP Traitor Senator Collins Receives Devastating News As Her Obamacare Vote Ruins Her

Susan Collins' numbers have dropped drastically since her vote on healthcare.

Many Republicans are feeling the pressure from their constituents over repeatedly being “traitors” to their own party. One of the biggest problems Americans have is the GOP’s inability to do something they have been complaining about for years, Obamacare. Teddy Stick reported on a Virginia man who is suing the Party to get his donation money back. In Maine, one senator is also experiencing a sudden turn in popularity over health care.

Senator Susan Collins made a stand and it was the wrong one. Instead of supporting her Party and president on the incredibly important Obamacare repeal, she chose to try and “save” Planned Parenthood (their funding would have been cut had the repeal passed). The people of Maine are not happy about that according to the results from the Public Policy Polling report.

60% said they are less likely to vote for Collins because of the way she voted on the Obamacare repeal. 62% said they are disapproved of her job in the Senate.

Without a doubt, these numbers are premature. Collins is not up for reelection to the Senate until 2020. However, there have been rumors of her making a run in 2018 when Governor Paul LePage’s term will end. Only 28% said they would commit to voting for Collins in a primary.

Maine residents are not happy with Susan Collins’ voting record.

When asked if the two candidates were Collins or Mary Mayhew, only 33% said they would vote for Collins.

This is a dramatic change from the popularity that Collins previously enjoyed. In 2014 she won by 37 points. With that backing, she likely would have been a natural choice to take over for LePage. Now she is faced with the uncertainty of if she will be given any post when Maine takes to the polls again. Republicans, as they are called, for now, need to be taking notes of these stories. It is time to start supporting your Party.

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