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Government Officials Issue Extreme Eclipse Warnings, But ‘Lizard Man’ Is The Worst

Nikki Haley at a conference of the South Carolina Emergency Medical Division

Government agencies such as the South Carolina ‘s Emergency Management Division are ready for the coming Aug. 21st total solar eclipse. It appears that, in a story that is going to send people who suspect that government is covering up facts into a frenzy, the government expects sightings of “Lizard Men” and even of “Bigfoot” to happen during the event.

We are even told to expect “possible paranormal activity” on that oddest of days, according to the Daily Wire. It is quite strange for the government on any level to use such language.We have seen extreme eclipse warnings, but the Lizard Man is the worst, some people feel.

Some argue that the government is covering the existence of such entities while others proclaim that any “aliens” will be our leaders trying to gain greater control over us by wowing us with lights and fake news of ET. Some even say the eclipse is to usher in the Antichrist.

While all or none of that may be true, the agency did say, “As always, if you see something, say something,” so they are at least worried about terrorism posing as something otherworldly, it would appear.

This is where Bigfoot is most likely to be seen, according to the government.

Perhaps adding a bit of humor to their warning, they also say, “SCEMD does not know if Lizardmen become more active during a solar eclipse. But we advise that residents of Lee and Sumter counties should remain ever vigilant.”

SCEMD is not alone, however. “If you see Bigfoot, please do not shoot,” was the rather prudent advice given from the Greenville Police Department.

Considering that it is a “dark and spooky” event that gets into peoples heads on such nights (due to media hype and how rare the events are), that is sound advice, actually. Anyone with long hair and in need of a bath could be a target under such circumstances.

There is not only one agency “warning” of these expected sightings, either. Is it all to warn people not to act foolishly or is there something more at play here?

We are also told that “The Post and Courier in Charleston, S.C., also published a great map connecting Bigfoot sightings to the path of the eclipse.”

Much of this was done tongue in cheek, but then again, is humor not the tool used every time the government is about to disclose something that they have always mocked?

To answer that question fully, we will have to all wait until we get to ask the Lizard Man.

Source: The Daily Wire