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Green Advocates Hit As Courts Rule On Coal

Trump (pictured) moves America forward as the courts see the truth about impact statements.

Climate change faith (the left’s only real religion) are hanging their heads low at Al Gore’s alter today. The Hill has revealed that people who wanted to pretend that global warming is real have learned the courts are not playing along.

A federal appeals court weighed in on the side of real science. It “rejected environmentalists’ arguments that the Trump administration has to evaluate the climate change impact of leasing federal land for coal mining.” As green advocates weep, a “three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit unanimously ruled” wisely that the Interior Department does not have to “update its 1979 review of the environmental impact of the federal coal program.”

This federal action case did not go the way that the climate worshipers wanted.

Whenever those who subscribe to the fiction of climate change get a say, it always ends in stifled progress and lot of unneeded costs. While coal is dong no one’s lungs any favors, study after study shows that man is not warming the Earth by driving his car or anything similar.

It was ruled that the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) does not mean that an impact statement is needed. “The fact that actions continue to occur in compliance with the program does not render the original action incomplete. Accordingly, the department’s NEPA obligation for the Federal Coal Management Program terminated with its adoption in 1979,” stated Judge Harry Edwards.

Considering that he was nominated by former Democratic President, Jimmy Carter, perhaps there are a few honest people left on the liberal side of the courts, after all.

The program has not changed, so that is the reason why the impact statement is not needed. In essence, it has already been done. “Appellants have failed to identify any specific pending action, apart from the program’s continued existence, that qualifies as a ‘major federal action’ under NEPA, ” Edwards also said.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke also stated, “We feel strongly that the current process on reviewing coal is appropriate.”

Those on the left are livid. In their distorted minds and in their world, carbon dioxide (which plants breathe) stops plants from growing. Even as major studies have found no warming for roughly 20 years, the myth continues to rob everyone’s pocketbooks.

Out of all of the reasons that many people are happy to see President Donald Trump in office, no reason may be as stark as his stance on the lie of global warming.

At last, progress is going to be made and the false science that has robbed the U.S. of its rightful place in the world has ended.

The tides have not risen as the left said that they would 20 years ago, but they may once all of this liberal weeping is done.