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He Isn’t Bluffing: Kim Jong-Un’s Underground Secret Leaks As Experts Now Know Why He Isn’t Afraid

Kim Jong-un (pictured) may have some secret "plan B" for himself in the bowels of this train station.

An odd development has arisen from within North Korea and it has some people wondering if this could be why their leader, Kim Jong un, is so unafraid of war. We already know that over 75% of the Hermit Kingdom has no electricity, so it isn’t as if a war will hurt the grid, but that is not what the leadership seems to be hanging their hat on.

Instead, the Daily Mail is guessing that the real reason is that Pyongyang has a “360ft deep metro system – that will double up as a nuclear bunker if war breaks out between North Korea and the US.” Many have thought that the “Dear Leader” was bluffing but photos posted in the Mail article show that this is really a possible reserve plan.

These lonely subway lines that took half of a decade to build are really bomb shelters.

Images have surfaced of “commuters using the world’s deepest underground train system” that, while only sporting two lines, is over 18 miles long and it runs under the nation’s capital. Perhaps Kim Jong-un himself has a secret place buried away deep in these recesses.

There are two huge problems with this idea. First of all, most of North Korea has less food than some of the poorest nations in Africa. NK is starving to death now above ground. How shall they feed and cook for people any better as they live like moles in a subway line? As stated above, if the leader has food, who will be left to lead?

Secondly, the “KIMdom” is so poor that there are large swaths of land where some have never seen a car much less own one. Actually, outside of Pyongyang, almost no one drives at all, so how will they get to this subway haven?

For that matter, a third problem is that their fighting force, which is most of the country, has no means to escape the “fire and fury” promised by President Trump should they attack Guam. Also, have they never heard of MOAB and some of our bunker busting bombs?

If the government spent more money on vital infrastructure and less on promoting the “Dear Leader,” NK would not be in the mess which they now are in.

In 1968, the “Eternal Leader” (he is dead but officially still president….really) built the Pyongyang Metro, a project that took until 1973 to complete. Only NK would take half of a decade to build a bomb shelter that no one could get to and that is stocked with no food.

The dilapidated trains are castoffs from Germany and on the way to the scrap pile were purchased by North Korea in 1990. They claim to have made them even though “some old graffiti tags can be seen on the carriages,” the Caller tells us.

Of the subway line, French photographer Eric Lafforgue said the system that costs one-half of a U.S. cent to ride and which has only “17 stations on two lines” that ” You have to validate your ticket at one of these automatic machines. But they did not work the day I visited.

He also said, “Instead, a train attendant checked was checking the tickets by hand. Like in so many others places, the visits of the Dear Leaders are immortalized by a red billboard telling the date they visited the place.”

What all of this means is that North Korea’s apparent “plan B” should they get attacked is to cower without food, likely in the dark (since generators must be in wondrous shape there), while 90% of their population is getting obliterated outside.

That is some leadership.

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