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Hotel Worker Rushes To Police After Saudi Woman “Begged For Help,” Husband Taken

Abdullah Alhorir is accused of beating his wife and children.

A worker at the Monte Carlo Hotel in Miami Beach, FL rushed to get police help after he encountered a Saudi Arabian woman in the hallway. He told police that the woman “begged for help.” Her husband, Abdullah Alhorir, 34, was arrested and taken away. He has been charged with battery and false imprisonment.

The police report that when Victor Perez saw the Saudi woman, she was covered in bruises. Allegedly her husband tried to coax her back into the room but Perez was able to get her downstairs. As the police arrived, the man arrived in the lobby with their two daughters.

Police state that the woman related she had been whipped, handcuffed, and had scalding water poured on her. The children also had bruises on their faces, likely from being slapped. Miami Beach police officer Glenn Teboe wrote in Alhorir’s arrest affidavit;

“Victim stated that her husband had beaten her with a whip in the hotel room over the course of the past several days.”

The Miami hotel where the attack occurred.

In the room, police found a leather whip and wraps they believe were used to secure the woman in the room. Alhorir allegedly told police that his wife had woken up with marks on her and tried to blame him.

Eventually, the wife gave police pictures from a trip to Disney a few days before that showed the little girl’s with bruises on their faces. The woman also stated that her husband had poured hot water on her thigh after he got angry with her.

Alhorir’s bail was set at only $6,500. If past cases are any indication, he may not be punished harshly if he is found guilty of beating his family.

Source: Miami Herald