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ICE Shoots Sex Offender In Denver, Discover Something Else About Victim

Illegal migration in Denver.This sex offender was shot in the head after pulling a knife on ICE agents.

A clever bit of chicanery has bubbled up from the Democrats and progressives. Whenever someone talks about “illegal alien crime” or anything akin to it, they are told that the subject of the hate is towards the immigrant, or their skin tone.

In fact, the hatred is towards the crime and the question is why anyone with ANY skin tone should be allowed to come in without following entrance laws, just as Americans must do when we travel to their lands. Hot Air reports that in Denver, Colorado, when ICE stopped a suspect for a “minor traffic violation,” what they got was anything but “minor.”

ICE at work.

ICE agents have their hands full with cities that refuse to obey the law.

Arreola is apparently facing charges of Unlawful Sexual Contact, and it is believed that this is the reason that he was deported before.

Denver, however, in an attempt to shield illegals, have lessened the severity of crimes such as domestic violence and sexual related offenses in order to hide border jumpers.

If someone is not locked up past a certain time, ICE is not notified, so this loophole was created to shield illegals from being shown the door.

This is why President Trump and his supporters are pushing for all illegals to be sent out and told to reapply LEGALLY.

These stats speak volumes.

Denver has some serious problems with illegal activity.

No one should have to serve hard time (or any time) to be deported.

If someone is dwelling in a country illegally and it is discovered, no matter the reason, then that person should have to leave the country and apply for re-entry.

That message somehow has not made it to certain facets of the nation but after this, perhaps a bit more attention will be paid to the matter. If not, then look for this to become ever more common.

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