Illegal Resident Executes NC Man As "New Weapon" Against the West Becomes the Jihadi Norm | Teddy Stick

Illegal Resident Executes NC Man As “New Weapon” Against the West Becomes the Jihadi Norm

This man is said to have purposefully run over and killed someone with his car

One of the most disturbing and unexpected things to happen with the successful launch of “Facebook Live” is the propensity people seem to have for killing, beating, or harming others using the platform. While Mark Zuckerberg is guilty of many sins, this is not something that he has done nor endorsed, yet it is happening just the same. We have seen Trump supporters attacked, the MRDD abused, and just today a man killed his child and himself on Facebook.

The same unplanned and relentless attack is also coming from radical Muslims and others who are using trucks, vans, cars, and most vehicles as battering rams to mow over people with. While this has been far too common in the E.U, the fact is that this “new” weapon of choice is a tool used by many non-Muslim criminals who are copying the format here in the U.S, too. An 18-year-old illegal migrant named¬† Genaro Muniz-Padilla deliberately ran into¬†Jamica Williams, a 42-year-old who had suffered some kind of row with him earlier.

While legal migrants have low crime statistics, illegal’s have VERY high ones.

Padilla was reportedly made upset by a comment that Williams had made regarding one of the women who was said to have lived “nearby.” When Williams departed on his bike, the illegal migrant went and “confronted him” on the matter, according to police reports. From there, Padilla got into his car and intentionally ran Willaims down with it. First responders were not able to save the victim but Williams died later at the hospital.

Breitbart reports that “Muniz-Padilla is being charged with second-degree murder,” and that ICE “currently has a detainer on him” in the event that he is someday freed from prison. In the meantime, it can be assumed that taxpayers in North Carolina will be footing the bill to house, feed, clothe, and imprison him while he sits in a cell located in a country that he had no permission to even be in. That is “open borders” and “multiculturalism” in action.


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