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Iran Retaliates Against Trump, Boosting Rocket Production Alongside North Korea

Iran's leadership has called the U.S a "terrorist" nation as they chant in the street to kill Jews.

President Donald Trump has long said that Iran is breaking the rules that were tied to their disastrous (for the U.S.) nuclear deal. In a nutshell, Iran is testing weapons that could easily be equipped with WMD technology and saying that they are not violating the deal since there is no nuclear device attached.

This is true even as we have reasons to suspect that they are building that very device as well. On Sunday, Iranian lawmakers supported legislation to end America’s “hegemonic, terrorist and divisive policies in the region,” CNS News reports. Iran seems to be following in the footsteps of North Korea as they are actually boosting rocket production despite President Trump’s warnings.

Iran is also using oil as leverage and threatening sanctions against the United States at the same time that they are upping the spending for missile testing and development. They have threatened to start advancing their nuclear program in mere hours and days if the U.S. sanctions them as well.

“The terror-sponsoring Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps–Qods Force” is also going to receive extra funding.

There have been times that the U.S. has supported terror, such as against the Russians by backing Afghanistan during the Cold War and most recently with Obama funding those who became ISIS members.

However, for Iran to imply that Mr. Trump is supporting any such group is a ploy. The only real terrorists within this debate are the Iranians who chant for America’s death in the streets as their leader looks on and smiles.

The Iranian Parliament (pictured) voted to side with terror instead of siding with the United States.

The so-called “moderate” President Hasan Rouhani supported the anti-American stance which got one abstaining vote and no opposing ones from Iran’s leadership.

America has so much oil just begging to be drilled for that we would never have to even look in Iran’s direction. Our hands are tied due to Democrats and their addiction to this lie called “man-made global warming” which is NOT happening.

Even if it WAS happening, doesn’t Iran warm the planet by drilling for the same oil that they sell us? If they can drill it and sell it to us, why don’t we drill it and save them the journey to bring it? THAT would warm the planet less, actually, since less fuel would be used to transport it here!

Instead, they have enough leverage to allow “$260 million for the IRGC-QF” and about the same for their deal breaking rocket testing.

This is a common scene in Iran, and yet to them, America is somehow the dangerous nation.

Iran is calling the U.S. a hostile nation even when warmongers like Obama and Bush are gone from the scene. They detest Trump because he refuses to support their terror and they lash out like a petulant child as they call the U.S. a “terrorist” country. It is as wrong-minded and immature as if they had said, “I know you are but what am I” with their tongues out and their hands in their ears.

Then again, considering their form of Islam and what it produces, did anyone except John Kerry really expect anything else?

Source: CNS News