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ISIS Fail Video Takes Title For Most Funny As Compilation Goes Viral

"PREPARE TO BE ASTONISHED" plays in full theater voice before this fool shots a rocket launcher in a closed room, expecting it to go through the wall.

There are not many funny things about ISIS. People see their endless array of machine guns mounted on jeeps and various other contraptions of war and we wonder how they got it all. We don’t often ask how they learn to¬†use it all. We have gathered that the equipment was either stolen or donated by Obama, but watching them try to learn how to handle the booty is nothing short of side-splitting.

A video on American Military News shows Daesh terrorists miss firing massive machine guns, sending debris down upon their own heads as they shoot some rocket-like device into the air, and basically then running around shouting “Allah Akbar” while resembling the Three Stooges. This video has taken the internet by storm and we certainly would nominate it for the funniest.

ISIS may have stolen the equipment (pictured) like American Humvee’s, but that won’t help Daesh terrorists use them correctly.

Someone has even put rap lyrics saying “run n*igga, run” into the soundtrack as ISIS members are shot at. Another puts dance music behind a terrorist trying to spray a machine gun with little accuracy but much bravado.

One man is bragging about his victory as the building behind him explodes, one killer has a weapon’s recoil throw him forehead first to the rocks as the tripod gives way, and one idiot REALLY shoots a rocket launcher into a wall which explodes predictably in front of him, killing him instantly.

The words, “Prepare to be astonished,” play moments before he pulls the trigger on his own death. It is funny enough to watch just for that one segment alone.

Their training looks like children playing and rockets are seen later in the video blowing up those that loaded them after praising Allah again and again. Allah does not like stolen rockets, it seems.

Boneheaded terrorists are in the film shooting off bazookas with people standing behind them to catch the blowback in the head, bumbling motorcycle riders are run over by ISIS truck drivers who can’t drive, guns put together incorrectly blow up in Daesh hands, and even a building that they detonate refuses to fall as even gravity appears to defy the group.

ISIS looked more like the Three Stooges in Arab attire as they rolled on the ground in GI style training attempts.

Watching ISIS learn to drive a tank is a lot like watching a fish take flying lessons and is well worth the watch, also.

After all, if they are doing this badly, President Trump should have a great many of them mopped up before too long.

They are already helping him themselves!

Source: American Military News