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“It’s Family”: Trump Admin Member Begs For 24-Hour Security As Threats Go Viral

Scott Pruitt says the threats have now extended to his family.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt is now begging for additional 24-hour security agents as he states that the death threats against him have gone viral, growing to include his family;

“The level of protection is dictated by the level of threat. The quantity and the volume — as well as the type — of threats are different. What’s really disappointing to me as it’s not just me — it’s family.”

During an extensive interview with Bloomberg released on Wednesday, Pruitt explained why he had requested more constant security. He already has an 18-member detail that guards him around the clock. He wants to add approximately 12 more.

The work that President Trump and Scott Pruitt are doing is important.

This would set him apart from former administrators. None have ever required such a large number of guards or 24-hour protection. It has been estimated that the extra guards could cost up to $2 million a year. Of course, no administration has ever been this cruelly targeted either.

However, speaking under anonymity, a senior government official admitted that security for EPA leaders was inadequate before Pruitt entered the office. That source also revealed that Pruitt received death threats through multiple mediums including Twitter, letters, and even packages to his home.

Pruitt is the face of a changing EPA, one who is about to lose approximately 5,000 workers under the president’s plans to scale back government. The administrator knows his position is contentious and sometimes that requires a bigger response;

“I seek to engage in these decisions with civility and thoughtful discussion and meaningful discussion, and it is unfortunate, I think, at times perhaps it devolves into something that is much different. Serious things take place that dictate a response.”

Source: Washington Examiner