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Judge Napolitano Crushes Liberals As He Dismantles The Only Thing They Had Left

Judge Napolitano is loved by millions,The Judge sees nothing illegal so far as Comey (pictured right) is set to talk.

The words “zero evidence” and “no proof” are words that keep coming up again and again in connection to President Trump and the supposed involvement with Russia. Now the words “nothing illegal” can be added to the list of words attached to the case, thanks to what was spoken by “America’s Judge,” Andrew Napolitano.

It doesn’t appear as though these conversations that the president had with Director Comey could constitute the level of constitutional obstruction of justice necessary to commence any further proceedings like impeachment like Democrats want to do,” said the Fox News host to Trish Regan.

He went on to say that he is sure that Democrats will attempt to get more specific remarks from Comey tomorrow “to see if they can find some hooks on which to hang their hats.”

Napolitano admitted that there is enough on both sides (Dem-Rep) for everyone to have a “field day tomorrow,” however.

He also said that we know that Obama knew of Russian hacks that may have been “to mess with us,” which he says, “they certainly have.

Here is yet more insight into what Trump called a “witch hunt” against him. People ask as though the President was supposed to be dancing merrily about the White House as then Director James Comey investigated him over garbage accusations and agenda driven politics.

The idea that the President would say something like “this is bull ****” is NOT an illegal act. Sure, Trump could not threaten Comey or try and push him from the investigation, but there is no law stating that America’s leader had to praise the man over it, either.

The facts show that Comey got fired for doing a terrible job with Huna Abedin and Hillary Clinton’s case. Already, VERY bad blood existed between Trump, Clinton, and Comey, and this made it much worse.

Former F.B.I. Director, Comey.

All eyes are on Comey in regards to Trump and illegal activity.

To add to this, the former Director of the F.B.I. said that the Clinton team had committed “multiple felonies,” thus making the waters rougher for Mr. Trump with the Democrats who seem to worship all things Clinton.

From there, it came out that the emails that Comey had were simply duplicates of ones that they already had and the whole statement was wrong. This was not the kind of professionalism that Trump desired and he fired the man.

The left, still attached to an agenda based on sour grapes in places of facts, used this to try and imply that something was amiss. Thankfully, Judge Napolitano is making it very clear for us to see through the mess.

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