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Judicial Watch Drops Bombshell Claim, London Terrorist Connected To Senator McCain

McCain with terrorists.McCain with the Free Syrian Army. One FSA member was Rachid Redouane who attacked London.

For many years, people have warned (and even shown photos) of Senator John McCain (R-AZ) with known terrorists from the Free Syrian Army. Since these particular Islamic radicals opposed Assad and his Islamic radicals, we were told that anyone who questioned McCain for supporting terror was a nutcase.

Judicial Watch just produced an article that shows that one of the London Bridge terrorists was from “Senator John McCain’s beloved Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Libya, supporting the U.S.-backed effort to topple Muammar Gaddafi.”

Arizona's traitor?

McCain has a lot of explaining to do.

Rachid Redouane, after fighting in Libya’s revolution (caused by Clinton and Obama) “he joined a militia that deployed jihadist fighters to Syria,” according to the article.

This is the same “error in judgment” that Obama made when he “accidentally” funded ISIS and fed them weapons.

Redouane fought side by side with Al-Qaeda in Syria and his request for asylum in England was turned down in 2009. Somehow, he continued living in the country anyhow, even with his ties to the FSA.

They, being terrorists who were opposing Assad (no saint himself), still did not deter McCain.

Reports that members of the Free Syrian Army were helping with the massacre of Christians in the region also did nothing to halt the Senator from Arizona.

The face of a terrorist.

Rachid Redouane, London terrorist and a member of McCains endorsed FSA.

That means that we are left with two very dark choices concerning Mr. McCain. Either he is openly allowing terror to grow because he wants it to expand within western cultures and for the fact that they are on the same side as him in regards to Assad OR he is so incompetent that he is simply blind to the damage that he is helping to cause.

With all of the years of experience that he has, can we really imagine that he is that dim? If not, then we have a real problem with a Senator of the United States of America working with others within the government to bring terror to our doorsteps.

There simply is no other conclusion that can be drawn.

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