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Judicial Watch Exposes Likely Democrat Midterm Bias

Judicial Watch is not going to have to wait until AFTER the mid-terms to show voters what their candidates may have done.

Back in March, Judicial Watch (J.W.) sued the Justice Department for records and documents pertaining to Bruce and Nellie Ohr and Fusion GPS, as the Gateway Pundit has written. That group’s president, Tom Fitton, went with J.W. counsel Ramona Cotca to get those documents after almost six months of “stonewalling.”

The judge in the case even openly admitted having worked with Mr. Ohr in the past when he ruled to delay the release of his emails now all the way to December 1, 2018. This will be after the midterms are over, a fact that will help the Democrats greatly and likely cause some pundits to wonder how clear the liberal bias can possibly get. Some legal experts want to know how and why he was not removed from the case entirely.

This same judge “gave the DOJ until February of 2019 to turn over calendars (dockets),” as well.

Ohr has been demoted twice, but somehow, still retains a job at the D.O.J. He is thought to be working currently “as a backchannel for the FBI to continue communicating with Christopher Steele,” the former Britsh spy of questionable character who helped with the dossier against President Donald Trump.

Fitton is making sure to rattle the bushes and to let everyone know, in no uncertain terms, what is being done here. He said, “Judicial Watch had court hearing today Ohr-Fusion GPS docs. We will get emails by 12/1 but stonewalling DOJ gets until Feb 2019 to turn over calendars. The judge in case admits he worked w/Ohr at DOJ and may be on the calendars. Standing w/JW attorney Ramona Cotca after hearing.”

His words, perhaps, should alarm even Mr. Trump’s most ardent haters because if open bias can exist for the Democrats today, it can just as easily shift it’s stance one day now that precedent has been set. One need look no further than how the powers of presidential executive orders, or example, have grown in scope over the decades to observe this.

If the Democrats are being protected in the mid-terms, to what end?

If their party is guilty of corruption, how can anyone be joyful that they not being brought to justice? Don’t the voters have the right to know what the candidates may have done that was shady prior to election day?

Would the same yardstick be used if the bias was for Republicans, Libertarians, or Green Party members?

Judicial Watch has worked hard to expose these facts, now some people fell that it is up to America to read the writing on the wall and to address these questions.