Julian Assange Founder Goes After Obama Attorney General: “It’s Entirely Your Own Fault” | Teddy Stick

Julian Assange Founder Goes After Obama Attorney General: “It’s Entirely Your Own Fault”

Once an admitted playboy, few can imagine what Assange (pictured) gave up so that the truth could be known.

When whispers and outright accusations are dispersed about President Donald Trump’s supposed dealings with Russia, Mrs. Clinton’s email mishaps, or anything to with Wikileaks, it is alleged that Mr. Trump (or Putin) is to blame. The Washington Times alerts everyone to a very different reality as Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, sets the record straight.

Assangecredited the Obama administration for putting him in place to publish sensitive documents through his WikiLeaks website,” not Mr. Trump or anyone associated with him. As if to hush any speculation, he made it clear that he meant “Democratic emails released during the 2016 U.S. presidential race,” too. He said that he is very good at what he does since the U.S. government has given him little else to do but work and research.

The founder made these statements in response to former Attorney General, Eric Holder, tweeting “Russian threat to our upcoming elections: do something! Do anything. Impose sanctions overwhelmingly approved by even this dysfunctional [sic] congress. Are you simply unfit, without the necessary nerve or do they have something on you? We were attacked!

Assange quickly flipped the allegations though and fired back about who was truly at fault.

Attacked? By what? The truth?“, retorted Assange on Twitter.

It’s entirely your own fault, Eric. Thanks to your unconstitutional grand jury against @WikiLeaks you left me with nothing to do but work 24/7, in harsh conditions, for years—and I’m good, very good, at my job,” he added.

Holder decided quickly to not post any more tweets on the matter.

No “state parties,” including the Russian government, had anything at all to do with emails being released, according to Assange. Since he was the one who would know, world leaders would be wise to listen to him. Having been trapped in an Embassy since 2012 to avoid arrest, he has nothing to gain by lying.

A fake rape allegation was made against Assange and that has been dropped. He could still be arrested for “jumping bond,” and from there, those who have had the truth about them exposed will likely find some trumped up reason to legally crucify him. He is simply too wise to fall for it.

Bigger than Wikileaks or the man who founded it (and lost his freedom for the good of the truth) is the fact that what is in the emails proves a great number of things that Democrats are loathed to speak about.

Now that the facts are there for everyone to see, it is up to the voters to respect what Assange has sacrificed and to use the data wisely.