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JUST IN: Democrats Dodge Punishment AGAIN As Judge Declares Corruption Case Mistrial

Senator Menendez has escaped justice...for now.

Democrats have done it again. Somehow the well-connected, wealthy liberals are continually dodging justice. Judge William Walls announced a mistrial today in the corruption trial of New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. The jury in the case deliberated for a week before finally telling the judge they were deadlocked and “cannot reach a unanimous decision.”

The top Republicans in the Senate have already responded to the injustice and are calling for an ethics probe into the Democrat’s behavior. Menendez’ partner, Solomon Melgen was already convicted in a separate trial.

Menendez has been charged in a massive pay-for-play scandal. In exchange for political favors, Menendez was accused of receiving gifts, including luxury vacations, in return. The defense team claimed the friendship was simply that and Melgen gave the gifts as presents to his friend.

The charges stem back to 2015. Menendez was charged with receiving $1 million in campaign contributions and gifts. That included trips to the Dominican Republic and Paris. In return, he advocated for Melgen in a $9 million Medicare dispute. He also arranged visas for girlfriends of the doctor.

While he has avoided punishment temporarily, it is doubtful that Menendez’ legal troubles are over. He could face a retrial. If Senator Mitch McConnell follows through, Menendez could also face a probe from the Senate Ethics Committee. McConnell stated;

“Senator Menendez was indicted on numerous federal felonies. He is one of only 12 U.S. senators to have been indicted in our history. His trial shed light on serious accusations of violating the public’s trust as an elected official, as well as potential violations of the Senate’s Code of Conduct.”

John Graham, a member of the Democratic National Committee from New Jersey, celebrated that the “truth has come out” but wished there had been an acquittal;

“They were right, the jurors who defended him. He did what was proper in terms of helping a constituent who happened to be his friend, but he never asked for anything for him. Bob Menendez did the right thing. I think Bob Menendez is going to continue to go on and be a great senator and I think this thing is going to go away.”

Senator Menendez has escaped justice…for now.

Meredith McGehee, of Issue One, a nonpartisan group pushing to get money out of politics, expressed the group’s feelings about the outcome;

“Today’s lack of a verdict is disappointing but not surprising given how the U.S. Supreme Court has gutted key anti-corruption laws in the last few years. This outcome lays directly at the feet of the Court’s findings in McDonnell v. United States. Sen. Menendez’s case is a roadmap for how donors and friends may continue to buy access and influence in Washington, whether through lending private jets, campaign contributions or bestowing other gifts.”

Source: The Washington Times