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JUST IN: Federal Judge Tosses Suit, Says FBI Did Enough As Clinton Emails Involved

Judge Boasberg has decided that the FBI did enough.

Judge James Boasberg has issued a ruling on the Hillary Clinton email search. The Obama-appointee has decided that the State Department and the FBI “…went well beyond the mine-run search for missing federal records…and were largely successful, save for some emails sent during a two-month stretch. Even then, the FBI pursued every imaginable avenue to recover the missing emails.”

Judge Boasberg has decided that the FBI did enough.

This ruling is the culmination of a lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch and Cause of Action in 2015. They wanted the government to do more to track down Clinton’s emails. The groups accused her of violating open-record laws by deleting her messages.

The case had been dismissed but under an appeal, the Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia reversed the dismissal. That ruling ordered the government to “shake loose a few more emails.” Judge Boasberg does not agree;

“The Court of Appeals may have asked the Government to “shak[e] the tree harder” for more emails, but it never suggested that the FBI must shake every tree in every forest, without knowing whether they are fruit trees.”

The judge pointed out that the FBI had uncovered thousands of emails that Clinton did not turn over. 55,000 pages of emails were unearthed altogether but many feel that there are more. During their investigation, the FBI also interviewed people, contacted the four service providers that Clinton used, and reviewed two phones and three iPads.

Both Judicial Watch and Cause of Action leaders have expressed their dismay with the ruling. Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch stated, “I think the president, once he learns about this, is going to blow his top and he ought to.”

Cause of Action President John Vecchione pointed out that this ruling does not prove that all of Clinton’s “unlawfully removed email records” were discovered;

“Unfortunately, the court concluded that efforts by the FBI in its investigation of Secretary Clinton’s handling of classified material, which resulted in the recovery of numerous emails that Clinton had not previously turned over, left nothing further for the attorney general to do.”

Neither group has indicated if they will challenge this ruling. Judicial Watch, in particular, has been a tenacious advocate of getting to the truth.

Source: The Washington Times