Islamic "Refugees" Are Now Targeting Pet Owners For Severe Forms of Cruelty and Malice | Teddy Stick

Islamic “Refugees” Are Now Targeting Pet Owners For Severe Forms of Cruelty and Malice

These are photos that seem to show razors left in dog treats scattered around for family pets to find.

Everyone knows that Muslims have a moral distaste for pork. Jokes are often made (in non-PC circles only, of course) about ham dinners, pepperoni pizzas, and various dishes featuring bacon. In war, U.S. General John J. Pershing would dip his warrior bullets in swine’s blood and even wrapped the fallen in “pigskin” blankets in order to ward off Islamic attacks. While one can argue that such tactics are fair in times of war and should be employed even today (sorry CAIR), news just published about Islamic refugees abusing animals in peace time is on the rise.

Many in Germany were horrified to hear the news that, according to Reddit, “Muslim migrants [are] found to be leaving dog snacks WITH RAZOR BLADES IN THEM.” This is done to get rid of “the filth,” also known in the West as “man’s best friend.” Not content to just not own a pooch if the animal offends, radicals have taken the cruelty to a new level.

The act of putting razors blades in dog treats is said to be with the intent to kill “the filth” of family pets.


One can easily imagine a parent and their child walking a path when “Rover” suddenly munches down a familiar dog treat and then begins to bleed profusely from the mouth. Much of Islam is rooted in the dark ages as everyone knows. Rabies was a death sentence back then, so certainly, their “prophet” said to avoid canines. For radicals, the fact that we can now cure and prevent such illnesses means nothing. In fact, dogs are viewed as badly by some of those within the Muslim faith as cockroaches are to the average American.

That said, most American’s do not go into pet stores destroying the bug collections that exist for those who do keep them as pets. This is another example of “multi-cultualism” not working. Many Muslims feel as the Koran teaches not just to avoid certain things, but to ruin them for the good of Allah when encountered. As long as this remains true, having a lot of unvetted refugees roaming about could be as dangerous as eating your kids Halloween candy without checking it first.

Even the family pet knows this.

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