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Kim Jong-Un Impersonator Arrives In Singapore, Gets Police Welcome

Is it Kim Jong-un? Is it Mr. Howard X? Singapore wasted NO time finding out.

They’re back…

When lookalikes for President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un were seen (and ushered away) from the Olympics, the world wondered where on Earth such an uncanny pair could have possibly met one another at. Yahoo News reminds the masses that something similar has taken place again as the same Kim Jung-un jokester “was detained and questioned “ as he touched down Friday in Singapore. Mr. Trump and Kim are set to meet in that nation and talk of ending hostilities.

Howard X from Hong Kong is the despot double. He was found “in the city-state for summit-related promotions by a mall and seafood restaurant.” He was detained and questioned at Singapore’s Changi Airport, his bags were searched, and he faced two hours of questioning before being allowed to go free. He had to ensure the authorities that he had no plans to start a riot, too.

Mr. X was even told to go nowhere near “Sentosa Island and the Shangri-La Hotel” by police. While this may all sound quite amusing, it was reported that the Hermit Kingdom’s double-chinned leader has a large number of planes take off at the same time that his does to avoid it being taken out by those who want the historically cruel leader dead.

Kim is so terrified of people gathering data on him that he travels with his own toilet so that his DNA cannot be taken and analyzed.

Likewise, Teddy Stick has reported in the past the D.P.R.K.’s dictator only travels at night, can almost never use his ill-gotten collection of cars, and lives terrified of assassination from any number of sources. Some of those sources are close to him in N.K. leadership positions, causing even more paranoia and madness from the abusive tyrant.

President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are to meet at the “Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island and Trump is expected to stay at the Shangri-La,” so this imposter could be much more than a mild nuisance. A prank could get Howard X, whose real name is Lee Howard Ho Wun, easily killed.

He was asked about his involvement in protests in the area when he landed and Lee said that he was only there playing drums. “However, I never rioted and don’t plan to ever riot. I told him (police officer) that I … would never do this in Singapore because it is against your rules to protest,” he said of the restrictive nation.

Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoints Authority admitted openly that they spoke to Mr. X for about 45 minutes. “As part of the immigration clearance process, travelers to Singapore may be subject to additional interviews and/or screening. These procedures are conducted at all Singapore’s checkpoints,” they also said.

There is only a limited area in Hong Lim Park where any protesting it allowed, it is heavily monitored, and participation requires a pricy permit.

Dennis Alan, aka “Donald Trump” from the Olympics is also there. The goofy duo “held hands and walked around Merlion Park” where tourists gathered and “posed with mock chili and black pepper crab dishes,” all while smirking for photos.

Remaining in character despite the costs, Lee explained, “I’m here to stay. I don’t think they will try and kick out the president. It wouldn’t be good press for Singapore.”


Indonesian tourist Janette Warokka thought that she had run into the real pair. As absurd as it sounds, the two really do look just like the leaders and, let’s face it, not many people look like Mr. Trump enough to fool someone. “It’s so shocking for me. I don’t know why those two famous guys come here,” she said, stunned.

Similarly, a teacher from Texas named Raul Rio stated, “They certainly look like the real ones. It was fun to see them,” after posing for a selfie.

As long as the funny actors are not harmed, it is not such a bad thing that Singapore did a double take on the pair. Now that they have done so, as long as the two don’t actually try to walk into a meeting or start a riot (highly unlikely), it is hoped that the authorities leave them alone to their antics.

After all, it is not every day that World War Three may be halted, so why take everything so seriously?