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Leaked Rumors Show CHILLING Method Kim Jong-Un Employs To Execute ‘Traitors’

How far the madman go?Wild dogs are were used, most likely, to kill Kim Jong-un's uncle (pictured right).

If the average person heard that dogs were being sicced on people, even family members, by Hitler in WW2, few would be shocked. If one were to learn that the mad German leader used warship guns to kill people in a show of overkill unheard of prior, most would say something like, “Thank God that evil man is no longer alive today.”

However, this is not the actions of Hitler in the 1940’s, but rather, the actions of Kim Jong-un NOW in North Korea. Following what the paranoid dictator is calling an assassination attempt from a man who worked as a logger in Russia and who was hired by South Korea (it makes little sense, which is common for NK), Fox News is reporting that Kim is more unhinged than ever.

The goal of this ramped up and seething display of violence is to keep those who would overthrow him or those in what Fox calls his “inner circle” from dreaming of his removal from power. Basically, it is a Machiavellian terror in 2017.

One of the favorite means of execution is for the Hermit Kingdom is to blow “people away with anti-aircraft guns,” an action that leaves behind carnage and a corpse dismembered beyond all recognizability.

Because there are several guns bound together, it would be hard to find the body after firing it once,” says Hong Hyun-ik, chief researcher at the Sejong Institute. “It’s really gruesome.”

Officials in South Korea have uncovered that at least five people have met their end in this manner and there are reports, though unconfirmed, of deeds even more grisly.

The evil Kim.

Kim Jong-un (pictured in black) is easily one of the cruelest leaders in history.

A mortar round was said to have been used on one victim but there is a lot of skepticism to that claim, we are told.

Still, the very rumor did much to snap everyone into obedience since the charge for the brutal slaughter was said to be merely “drinking and carousing during the official mourning period following the death of Kim’s father, the equally brutal Kim Jong Il.

The demonic Kim had his half brother killed using a “VX nerve agent by two women” who sprayed him in the face. He then blamed Malaysia for the deed and even has begun kidnapping their nationals, the Conservative Daily Post reported. (he was killed because he was next in line should a coup happen)

His uncle was fed to starving dogs, which considering the poverty in North Korea, is likely almost every dog in the country. Likewise, Jang Song-thaek was a “second father” to Kim and yet when he was charged with “anti-state acts” and “double dealing,” he got murdered, too.

Loggers for an assassination?

Kim alleges that South Korea used simple migrant loggers like these pictured in Russia to try and kill him.

Everything from anti-aircraft guns, hungry packs of dogs, and flamethrowers are rumored to have played a part in the death of this man, all at the hands of his nephew. The leader is often drunk when he gives the order, as well.

Now that over 340 people have been killed by the leader in only six years, and with North Korea allowing U.S. prisoner Otto Warmbeir to be sent home in a coma after a life sentence for stealing a political banner, look for action to be taken to remove this monster from power.

In that regard, he is right to worry.

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