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Liberal Campaigns Get Major Financial Boost From Soros…But Not George

Claire McCaskill is benefitting from Alexander Soros' generosity.

George Soros is well known to the political world. Besides being a major donor to liberal candidates, he also quietly funds the left’s agenda. Several times he has been found to be the backer behind massive protests such as the Fight for $15. However, not much has been heard about Soros’ son, Alexander. Not only is he the managing partner of Soros Fund Management but this political season he is making a name for himself by out-spending his father in political contributions.

This is certainly not the first time the younger Soros has been involved in politics. He has been lurking in the background, financing campaigns, the amounts steadily increasing. This year his contributions have surpassed $150,000, almost $40,000 more than his father has given.

In April the Democratic National Committee (DNC) received the maximum amount of $33,900 from Alexander. That was simply beginning though. He has also given to the following individuals, all Democrats of course;

  • Jon Ossoff – Georgia
  • Claire McCaskill – Missouri
  • Jon Tester – Montana
  • Maria Cantwell – Washington
  • Chris Murphy – Connecticut

In addition, he managed to give even more to the DNC through their “building account” in late July. That time he gave another $101,700.

The 2016 election was A. Soros’ breakthrough year. During that cycle, he contributed to campaign committees and political action committees (PACs) in the astonishing sum of $4.5 million. This was a dramatic increase from the $400,000 he contributed just two years earlier.

The biggest share of that, $3.5 million, went to the Senate Majority PAC run by former Nevada Senator Harry Reid. Alexander also gave the maximum allowed donations to;

  • Hillary Clinton
  • Chuck Schumer – New York
  • Russ Feingold – Wisconsin
  • Keith Ellison – Minnesota

Good friends in powerful places.

It is clear by these numbers that Alexander Soros will be yet another liberal Soros to keep an eye on. Their massive wealth and endless connections make them extremely dangerous and sadly powerful.

Source: The Washington Free Beacon