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Liberal Led Baltimore Tops A Terrible List

Pugh (pictured center) has been making the same promises for two years, yet the homicide rate climbs like fireworks.

The struggles of Mayor Pugh have been often chronicled, but news today from ABC that Baltimore, Maryland tops the list for homicides is even worse. In fact, it seems to many people that democrat policies literally lead to massive deaths.

The list comes from none other than the F.B.I., and it found that liberal-led city had a “homicide rate last year well above that of any other large U.S. metropolis,” including Chicago (also liberal-led).

The F.B.I. has even said that this “is an anomaly in the national crime landscape when looking at American cities with populations over 500,000 people.”

Of the 342 people who were murdered there, the math worked out to “a punishing homicide rate of 56 per 100,000 people,” the FBI’s annual “Crime in the United States” has proven.

Baltimore had announced 343 slayings for the year, but three deaths were reclassified, eventually bringing the total to 342 in the city of roughly 615,000 inhabitants.”

A list of woes in cities like Detroit, Memphis, and of course Chicago are also outlined, but Baltimore was the worst.

Mayor Catherine Pugh said, “One murder in Baltimore is one murder too many. But I am convinced that by addressing the root causes that give rise to hopelessness and eventually to criminal activity, we will make Baltimore safer for all residents.

This is pretty much the same pledge that she has made since taking office in 2016, many people recognize.

David Kennedy, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, noted this and said that the home of the Orioles has been “unable to muster any kind of strategic and lasting response” as the violence rages.

He felt that, even with things being as dire in the Windy City as they are, Chicago at least has a plan, unlike Baltimore.

ABC alluded to the fact that strict police codes may be making the cops a bit soft on crime, as some people see it. Kennedy said, “The underlying conditions that produce violence always matter. But on the other side, what matters is whether a city is able to frame up and implement a response to the violence. And one of the fundamental facts about Baltimore is that it’s really never been able to do that.

If Democratic ideas are going to work, many people are asking when? In less than two years, they say, President Donald Trump has erased the TPP, is reworking NAFTA, attempting peace with a nation who the U.S. has been at war with since the 1950’s, and is said to have rebounded the economy.

In the same period, even many liberals are wondering what Pugh has done. In some ways, it seems that the F.B.I. has told them.