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Liberals Change Their Minds, Deployed Military Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Vote

Libs want to take the right to vote away from our bravest Americans.

Those serving in the armed forces are more deserving than anyone when it comes to voting since they are the ones who fearlessly keep that right (and all of the others) safe. They also tend to vote in a much more intelligent and productive manner (that is to say, nonliberal) and Democrats cannot stand that. They have been trying to cheat the armed forces out of their vote for years.

The Center For American Progress (which is the opposite of what the name would imply) “wants to make it tougher for overseas military to vote in the name of election security,” the Washington Times reports.

After complaining about voter suppression which is usually not happening, they are busy attempting to suppress votes! A report for the dishonorable group called “Election Security in All 50 States” uses cyber meddling from foreign governments as an excuse for “banning military stationed abroad from submitting ballots via email or fax.

Colorado is one of the states that allows such voting and the center called on the state to “prohibit voters stationed or living overseas from returning voted ballots electronically.” In other words, they don’t want those who serve to get a say in who runs the government that they are fighting for.

Regardless of the state’s secure ballot return system for electronically voted ballots, we recommend that all voted ballots be returned by mail or delivered in person,” reasoned the 225-page report.


They just said that even though Colorado has taken the needed measures to ensure safety, let us act as if they had not, and take votes away based on this problem (which isn’t) anyway. Is there any moral code in today’s left?

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams said that the practice was fine as is, thankfully. Long ago, “the state has incorporated safeguards to protect the integrity of ballots cast by military personnel living overseas.” It is just that since Democrats dislike every non-liberal vote enough to want it negated, they are grasping at straws.

They don’t believe someone who works on a submarine should be allowed to vote. We do,” added Williams, reinforcing his stance.

Likewise, Colorado Peak Politics said, “Perhaps they think that Navy SEALS can swim ballots ashore, hand them off to Army paratroopers who can parachute into Colorado to drop off the ballots?

They added a very true statement by saying, “You can bet that if the military historically voted Democrat instead of Republican, the Center for American Progress would not have a problem with it,” as well. This has been noted for quite some time, but it is good to hear this truth spoken once again.

Calling out the left lean of the group and exposing their real agenda, J. Christian Adams, president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation said, “CAP would oppose that because they don’t like that the military votes against their interests nearly all of the time. But there are very few votes that come in that way, so it’s not a really big issue. CAP wants to make it easier for felons and criminals to vote, but wants to make it harder for fighting men and women overseas.”

Grading scales and other bits of nonsense (no one got an “A” from the leftist group) have been issued in order to show which states need to remove the right to vote from those serving unconstitutionally. This can not be allowed to stand and we can all be grateful that many are standing up for the rights of our bravest Americans.

After all, we can’t count on the left to do so.

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