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Liberals Claim ‘Impropriety’ As China Makes $500 Million Investment

Xi has set himself up as a dictator, yet Mr. Trump may yet bring some American pride into China.

China’s leader, Xi, is a confounding man. The communist ruler, on one hand, wants to all but take over the world and he isn’t shy about laying out plans to do so openly. By the same token, the Chinese (somewhat) helped the U.S. bring North Korea to sanity. Now the “Chinese government is extending a $500 million loan to a state-owned construction company to build an Indonesian theme park,” MSN News reports.

The truth is, while Xi may dislike President Donald Trump’s economic vision of “America First,” he (like all good communists) likes the almighty dollar more than they hate Uncle Sam. What is a bit odd is that the theme park “will feature a Trump-branded golf course and hotels.” Those who feel that fair monetary exchanges between nations makes war less likely should be most happy today. Just when the left thought Mr. Trump was owned by Russia, he does business with someone else. Now this, too, is used as fodder to bash Trump, without any facts to back it up.

A “subsidiary of Chinese state-owned construction firm Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC)” had just inked a deal a week ago “with the Indonesian firm MNC Land” to construct an “integrated lifestyle resort.”

Mildly worrisome is the fact that this is part of China’s “Belt and Road,” their flagship “infrastructure initiative.”

Even if this deal is completely and entirely above board, it simply furthers the perception of impropriety,” stabbed Christopher Balding, an economics professor at Shenzhen’s HSBC Business School. “Especially with the potential trade war, this is not a good look … Critics will be entirely right to demand answers.

He appears to have forgotten that Mr. Trump said that he would turn the role of his company’s leadership to his family while he served in office, and he has.

Then again, as the Chinese see just how nice the U.S. has it, the same outcome could happen. So far, President Donald Trump’s batting average on world affairs is pretty high.

It is said that the resort shall incorporate “a number of Trump-branded hotels, a golf course, and a residence.”  It is known that “the $500 million loan will not be directly allocated to any of the Trump-branded features,” but the success of the whole endeavor is likely very dependent on the whole professional relationship.

Agency France-Presse has written that the son’s of Mr. Trump played a huge role in the planning, which does show that the company is flourishing without the direct management of the president, a doubt that some had when he was on the campaign trail.

Vice Premier Liu He, called “China’s top economic official,” is set to travel to D.C. to work on trade deals which so far have all been a bust. This shows that, regardless of worries from people like Balding, Mr. Trump is not budging on his promises.

With that being true, that just leaves one question: How big are the roller coasters at this park going to be? Summer is just starting, after all.