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Liberals Panic Over “Unstable” President, Experts Called To Explain Law To The Senate

Senator Chris Murphy is a member of the hysterical left.

It has been baffling to watch the liberals quite literally losing their minds since President Trump was elected. Every single action by the president sends them running to the press yelling about how unstable he is. Yet they are the ones who appear erratic when they pursue a course of actions such as the one before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee this week.

Legal and military experts were called to testify, or more accurately to explain, about the law to the committee. Lawmakers asked questions and presented scenarios, trying to soothe themselves over the possibility of President Trump “pushing the button” to initiate nuclear war.

Retired Air Force Gen. C. Robert Kehler tried to reassure the Senate.

The former commander of the U.S. Strategic Command, Retired Air Force Gen. C. Robert Kehler told the committee talked about the rights of top military officials. He explained that those officials could ask questions about an order from President Trump if they were concerned it wasn’t legal or properly vetter. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) asked;

“So, we can have a little comfort even though the president has the authority there are limits to that?”

Mr. Kehler reassured them, “Even if time is compressed, there are circumstances I can envision where I would have said the same thing, which is ‘Wait, stop. We need to resolve these issues or we need to address this question.”

Peter Feaver, a public policy professor at Duke University testified similarly;

“He would require lots of people cooperating with him to make the strike happen and they would be asking the questions that would slow down that process.”

Peter Feaver told the committee that there were already proper procedures in place.

Liberals have been whining and expressing fear over the president “pressing the button” first. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) summed up those irrational fears;

“We are concerned the president of the united states is so unstable, is so volatile … that he might order a nuclear weapon strike that is wildly out of step with U.S. national security interests. Let’s just recognize the exceptional nature of this moment in the discussion that we are having today.”

It absolutely is exceptional. At no time in recent history have we ever seen an entire party go insane over the most innocuous behaviors. It is unclear where they got the idea that President Trump was planning on sitting in the White House and blowing up the world.

Former Acting Under Secretary at the Department of Defense Brian McKeon explained further;

“If we are under attack from a nuclear state using nuclear weapons, that’s a different question and the president would have the authority under Article II to respond.”

Mr. McKeon cautioned the committee against changing the current procedures.

Both Mr. McKeon and Mr. Feaver questioned if trying to reduce the president’s control of nuclear decisions is a smart idea. The cautioned that it would compromise the effectiveness of having the weapons in the first place.

Mr. McKeon warned;

“Taking away the president’s authority as commander in chief or diluting it in some respect by requiring him to go to another constitutional officer in a formal sense, I’m not sure that is a wise course.”

Source: The Washington Times