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Liberals Stall Trump’s Judicial Nominee, College Writings Too Critical

Mr. Trump's choice for judge is being looked at as divisive by leftists even though he calls for unity over skin tone just as Martin Luther King Jr. did.

The leftist media spent all weekend talking about the fact that President Donald Trump, an elderly man, is bald on part of his head. With everything going on in the world, from the Olympics to the stock market, this is what they blathered on about all weekend long. Now, other critics of the U.S. leader are refusing to allow him to govern as he sees fit (and has earned) by hounding him over his choice for 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judge.

Liberal advocacy groups,” according to the Daily Caller, “have mobilized in opposition to Ryan Bounds, President Donald Trump’s first nominee to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.” Now clearly, if the left had some authentic issue with this man (other than him being conservative), that is understandable. However, we saw this same hatred with the Supreme Court nominee that Mr. Trump chose, also, and Justice Gorsuch was a rather middle of the road choice.

At the end of the day, the fact that someone is not a raging liberal is enough to meet protest from the modern left. Particularly on this flawed court.

The left claims that Bounds’undergraduate writings are highly inflammatory,” yet the past of Ruth Bader Ginsburg was no better, and she serves on the highest court in the land!

Judge Bounds is said to be “intensely critical of student activist clubs and campus multiculturalism policies.” Since much of the multicultural agenda has worked out terribly for the West and since such campus groups are skewed to the left (which also has a harmful agenda), one can see why he feels that way. Still, there is nothing illegal about such views as long as he stifles no one’s free speech.

Race-focused groups foster race-think, and the only way to rid our multicultural community of race-think is to rid it of these invidious factions,” Bounds once wrote. What is wrong with that? It is high time that we stop viewing ourselves as different based on skin tone, religion, etc. This is even what Martin Luther King Jr. preached.

Once again the Trump administration has given us a nominee for the federal bench, Ryan Bounds, who has made intolerant and outrageous remarks about people with backgrounds and beliefs different from his,” complained Nan Aron, AFJ’s president.

Aron added, “The pattern of racist, sexist and homophobic remarks by these nominees is unacceptable, and we urge the Senate to treat this behavior as disqualifying for a federal judgeship.”

Notice that it is now “homophobic” to want to not focus on sexual orientation but on the merit of the person. Even by stating this, Aron proves the conservative point wonderfully through his folly. It is time to forget race and focus on the person. On this, the judge is 100% correct.

The fact of the matter is that there is a very large and ever-growing segment of voters who are tired of hearing about a person’s skin tone, faith, or sexual practices. We are tired of hearing “first gay this” or “first black that.” Instead, we want to hear about the achievements that were made and the goals that were accomplished by the person.

This mindset is not racist, but rather, what every civil rights activist of the 1960’s wanted. It is what the left is doing and promoting today that is alien to that agenda, not what Mr. Trump is promoting.

The left is wrong yet again. For them, being wrong is the only thing that they can get right.

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