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London Fire Escalated Over Global Warming Fears, Spread Due To Mandated “Green Rules”

This is what green policies do.This blaze was worsened by liberal green policies and sustainable development.

Green energy is going to save the world, according to the Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) crowd of thinkers. This buffoon thinks that the disproven threat of global warming is more important than the pending threat of ISIS, too, so we are not talking about really solid minds here.

Still, the fact that government “green energy requirements” played a role in the deaths of at least seventeen people (up from the original six that Teddy Stick reported on at the time) in a London high-rise fire does a lot to underline their errors, as the Daily Caller today points out.

The cause of the fire has yet to be uncovered, however, it is known that the cladding exterior insulation caused what the Caller calls a “chimney effect” which allowed the inferno to spread rapidly upwards. Grenfell (the highrise) had the cladding installed to their “exterior in 2015 as part of a $12.8 million retrofit.”

We must not allow this.

Man is not warming the planet, but sadly, thanks to those who think that he is, a different kind of warming killed 17 people.

I have never seen a fire that has engulfed an entire building like this in a career of more than 30 years,” was what Matt Wrack, head of the Fire Brigades Union told the Telegraph.

The garbage insulation that was switched to in order to “save the planet” from a warming that is not even happening has now claimed lives! This cladding worked like a wick that lead to unneeded deaths, a fact that won’t likely make Al Gore’s next film.

Agreeing with this truth was Dr. Jim Glockling of the Fire Protection Association who declared, “It could be that this is the quest for sustainability trumping other concerns.”

There has been an emerging body of evidence surrounding some of the materials being used and now we have an appalling demonstration of what can happen,” he added.

The Telegraph notes that this death fabric was only chosen because it “is used as an insulation to make buildings more sustainable to meet green energy requirements.” This needs to be rescinded at once and all buildings need to have it removed if this is to prevented from happening elsewhere.

This new “energy efficiency” actually created the perfect bed for a fire, showing that to “save the planet,” we are now killing ourselves.


Man made global warming is a lie, but what green ideas do to those forced to accept it is a terrible truth.

There were explosions everywhere you looked, lots of bangs, blue gas coming out everywhere you looked,” a man named Mickey Paramasivan informed the Telegraph.

So when images of children dangling from windows and those with limbs and appendages burnt to a crisp are seen, remember, this cladding was warned about from both residents and experts and NOTHING was done.

Tell us again, Mr. Sanders, how the green agenda is going to save us.

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