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Maine Offers Non-Gender Identification

Why would the governor (pictured) allow such foolishness?

The Boston Globe has revealed that “gender neutral driver’s licenses” are going to be permitted in Maine, as common sense and reason go the way of the dodo bird.

If an accident happens and precious seconds are ticking by, a man dressed as a convincing lady (or vice-versa) bleeding to death when medics arrive is now going to be confusing the first responders even more with an “X” where gender is. Sure, it will only take precious seconds to figure it out properly…tick, tick, tick…

With this logic firmly lost, anyone will able to fill out a “gender designation form” and they can be issued an I.D. which says, “Gender has been changed to X — Non-binary” in the state of Maine.

Even these cards won’t change anyone’s sex any more than the gender reassignment surgeries, but it makes the left feel as if they’ve accomplished something other than confusion (which they have not).

By July of 2019, “X” will be on the cards.

Already, the doltish people at EqualityMaine are calling this a win as Maine joins Oregon, California, and the District of Columbia in this folly. The group’s president filed a complaint to set this ball rolling in the state.

Who knows what trouble will follow the decision.

This move does not change the basic problem that so many of the LGBTQ community have, which is that they want some validation that there are more than two genders. Basically, they want everyone to buy into a personal delusion and mental disorder.

Sadly for them, they live in fantasy land. Furthermore, there is nothing that can be done to alter the sex that one is born with. This includes getting the state of Maine to play along nicely and making them stamp x’s on I.D. cards.

Therefore, this is but a step in the march away from basic logic and reason. The Lord only knows what madness will happen next as the brainless agenda moves onward.