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Man Furious With Traffic Jumps Into Downtown River To Make His Daily Commute

Nothing like a leisurely SWIM to work.

Few things in life are as frustrating as idiot drivers, and really, it is a sizeable percentage of the population. We see imbecilic things like lane changes with no signaling, police officers harassing anyone who does drive at a decent pace, and “Granny Girt” backing up traffic all the way to the nursing home.

Let’s not even get started about when it snows.

One man in Munich has had enough of the congestion and grief. He has conquered the need to drive, at least to work, by swimming to his job at a local pub, according to the New York Post.

The job is 1.24 miles away!

Benjamin David used to take the bus or even bike to work, but this has actually proven to be much faster. The beer garden worker is a pretty large man, yet the swim appears to be quite easy for him.

What about his laptop, work clothes, and other belongings needed for work? Well, when David hops into the River Isar, he does so in a wetsuit. The things that he needs for the day, including his clothes, are placed in a waterproof bag and arrives absolute dry on the other side each day.

It is beautifully refreshing and also the fastest way,” the swimmer told Reuters TV.

Near the capital of Bavaria David swims to his job at a local pub.

It seems that the swim to work is with the flow of water, thus making hauling clothes and a computer easier. David also said, “I used to go by bike or bus or car or on foot and you need much longer. Today the current was quite strong and I only needed about 12 minutes.”

In the winter, though, the river (which is located “near the center of the Bavarian capital“) is nothing short of frigid. Do those 4-degree temperatures worry the swimming beer garden worker any?

I mostly do this in summer. I am a bit of a wimp, but you can also do it in winter, then I’ve got a longer wet suit,” he admitted.

Emerging from the water with all of his belongings dry and intact.

While some may certainly call Benjamin David “crazy,” few if any would call anyone his size (who can carry all of that whilst swimming) a “wimp.

At least not if we wanted to get up again.

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