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March For Our Lives Events Are Paid For, Everytown Gives $5,000 Each

Big money is rolling in.

Having tried and failed to get adults to forsake their birthright and give up guns just because a nanny state suggests it, the anti-Second Amendment crowd has gone after the youth who know no better. They can not deduce that guns save innocent lives every day more than they take. Students cannot know that criminals will always break the law and have guns, legal or not, nor can they know that Hilter, Mao, Stalin, and others took the people’s gun before taking their lives.

The Washington Times informs that “upcoming ‘March for our Lives‘ rallies planned around the nation,” which are popping up like weeds since the Parkland shootings, “are getting financial help from a well-organized activist group — at the rate of $5,000 for each event.” This shows that these “organic marches” are nothing of the sort but are bought and paid for by left-wing group Everytown for Gun Safety.

What does this mean? It means that the VERY PEOPLE who accuse President Donald Trump of being like Hitler are being paid to demand that he take away guns…just like HITLER!

On March 24th, a mega-march is to happen at the capital, as if to highlight the folly. “Siblings” will march inEverytown for Gun Safety” marches which is nothing short of terrifying to those who know history. The gun is not what is unsafe, but rather, the notion that removing them will do anything but make disarmed targets out of everyone.

That is the case today in Chicago, for example.

For that matter, it can be argued that a lack of guns in the school by responsible owners led to more pupils perishing that need be in Parkland. After all, guns on school grounds are already illegal, so making guns illegal seems to offer no solution to the thinking person. Are they to be made more illegal?

Mayors like New York City’s former Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems to think so. He began Everytown.

Everytown is providing structural support for organic local marches planned in communities of all sizes across the nation,” boasted the group as they undermine the Constitution. “Everytown previously announced $2.5 million in grants to provide 500 organizers with resources of $5,000 per march for associated operational expenses.”

The group and those organizing the foolishness also said, “Due to overwhelming organizing momentum and interest in participation that has emerged in the past two weeks, more than 400 local marches have been planned by students and survivors in communities big and small — from Fairbanks, Alaska to Lee’s Summit, Missouri and beyond. Numbers are expected to increase leading up to the national day of action calling for lawmakers to make students’ lives and safety a priority and pass common-sense gun safety legislation.

They are raising money for merchandise (so that losing rights may become a fashion statement). On top of that “close to 100 marches to be organized overseas, and now tallies a total of 482 events worldwide’ in the U.S., along with Britain, Spain, Italy, India, Vietnam, Japan, Chile and Australia and other nations.

What is most painful to note here is the fact that the media is so clearly biased towards the left that the fact of a man saving lives with an AR-15 only last week was covered by virtually no one. Only when a gun is used to harm innocents is the news van on location, which is a clear sign that those who control the media are at work against the people.

The same people, of course, who are marching and asking for it to happen.

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