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Maxine Waters Goes OFF, Demanding Her Black Heritage Makes Her Unstoppable

The glare of Maxine Waters.Rare is it that such a meltdown is captured on video, even in today's crazy political world.

Politicians having meltdowns are as common as Clinton sex scandals. It takes a lot to really blow it enough that it stands out, but as facts have it, Maxine Waters (D-CA) not only did just that in grand way, she did it to a constituent.

The person seen in the video talking to Waters makes references to some emails that have been sent and even admits that she supports America’s President fully, which is here right to say. However, Twitchy says that the crazed Congersswoman went off the rails and began playing the race card while slandering Trump anyhow.

Waters “goes off on some crazy tangent about how he’s a liar and that she’s going to work nonstop to get him impeached,” the article says and the constituent says that “she would also work to make sure Maxine was impeached.”

From there we learn that Maxine Waters does not think that certain minorties can be guilty nor sent from office. The fact that it was admitted is simply Earth shattering in scope.

The California liberal actually says on camera that “You cannot impeach a woman of color.”

Some people are claiming that Waters really said the word, “Congress,” not, “color,” but that seems more like spin than fact when the video is listened to.

While as rare as hens teeth, it is possible to impeach a member of Congress, something Waters is fully aware of, so the statement would seem to be without merit if that is claimed. It has only been done once before (Senator William Blount in 1797), but there seems to be no better time for a repeat.

Even if she DID say “Congress,” a Rep who is supposed to be working with Trump has openly said that she will do everything in her power to oppose him.

The root of the problems in regards to division even beyond matters of race are found in this hateful woman. This has reached a level where it has to be addressed.

Teddy Stick has shown that it is  possible for other Democrats to oppose her when she runs again. After the way that she has just been captured treating a voter, Waters may find that we can fire people of color, um Congress, too.

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