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McCain Moves In Swiftly To Kill Off Immigration Bill, Suggesting The Unthinkable Instead

Senator McCain is betraying his Party with every step.

As we reported yesterday, the much-touted claim of liberals that Americans won’t do the work so we must have immigrants is false. While there are some jobs where immigrants dominate, most of them still have a very strong natural citizen force as well. Yet Senator John McCain is trying to sell the old and worn-out line as his reasoning behind not backing President Trump’s new reform bill. As if that weren’t enough, he is also reaching back to the Obama era for an amnesty bill for illegals in the U.S. now.

McCain said in an interview yesterday that he was not necessarily against skill-based immigration but won’t support that as our main goal;

“I think you have to consider that we do want high-tech people, but we also need low-skilled people who will do work that Americans won’t do. I wouldn’t do it. Even in my misspent youth, I wouldn’t do it.” Perhaps Senator McCain should consider that he doesn’t represent the average American.

In addition, he talked about joining with Democratic leader Chuck Schumer to revive the idea of granting amnesty to illegals currently residing in the U.S.

“Immigration reform is one of the issues I’d like to see resolved. “I’ve got to talk to him (Schumer) about when would be the best time. I think there are all kinds of deals to be made out there. I really do.”
McCain and Schumer were part of the “Gang of Eight,” a bipartisan committee who tried to get this type of immigration bill passed in 2013. He went on to express doubts that President Trump’s wall would stop illegals or drugs.

“I’m not against a border wall, okay, but go to China and you’ll see a border wall there. We need technology, we need drones, we need surveillance capabilities and we need rapid-reaction capabilities. But to think that a wall is going to stop illegal immigration or drugs is crazy.”

In case you are confused at this point, yes, the senator is still technically a Republican. However, a new poll released by Quinnipiac University doesn’t reflect that. Senator McCain received a 74% positive score from Democrats and a 60% positive score from Independents. His own Party only gave him a 39% positive rating.

With Republicans jumping ship at an alarming rate, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. A senator from a border state should, however, have a better handle on the truth of immigration and how it needs to be reformed. Sad to say, Senator McCain clearly doesn’t.

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