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Megyn Kelly “Hysterical” With Trump-Russian Narrative, Putin’s Response ENDS It

In essence, Kelly was told the Russian equivalent of "take a chill pill."

When Megan Kelly asked pointed questions to then Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, it was she who played the victim when he called her out on the thinly veiled attack. From there, the media has created a myriad of lies and mis-truths that they have used to diminish Trump’s amazing victory, including saying that the President was helped in some way by the Russian leader.

The Editor-in-Cheif of Vessel News, Josh Caplan, has posted what is both a very informative and terribly hysterical video on his channel that addresses this very fact.

In the video, a somewhat nervous sounding Kelly asks, “President Putin, there are reports today in the American press that the Trump administration took active steps to ease sanctions on Russia almost immediately after Trump took office. Was this possibility every discussed between the Trump team and your representatives prior to President Trump being inaugurated?

Putin, who regardless of the fact that for reasons unrelated to this he is a dangerous man, was brave enough to take the question. He can be seen nodding before she is done asking, for he had fully expected the question, it is clear.

Our ambassador met with someone, and what does an ambassador do? It’s his job, he gets paid for it,” says Putin, who acts nothing like a guilty man in this regard.

He has to have meetings to discuss current affairs, negotiate, ” he adds, “what else is he supposed to do? Visit all sorts of establishments, for visiting he will later be kicked out of work.”

As the crowd chuckles, Putin continues by saying, “No, it’s his job, and he’s accused of having met someone. Are you completely out of your mind?” The frustration in his voice is clear. It is a man who would like to put this lie behind him and focus on real affair instead of chasing fraudulent news scoops with an agenda.

Will the Russian lie now stop?

Trump, like Putin, has been clear on where he stands regarding all Russian fake news questions

There’s nothing concrete, just zero, zero, nothing at all,” he says, shrugging his shoulders.

The Russian then continues, “It’s simply some kind of hysteria and you just can’t stop. Do you need to be given some pill? Does anyone have a pill? Give them a pill.”

As the crowd laughs a bit yet again, he says seriously, “Though, honestly, It’s amazing.”

Everyone who has been fingered in this lie has been found innocent and yet it carries on. Meanwhile, as Trump to bring the peace that he has promied us all, a fake news story likely written by the DNC (which may have lead to the Seth Rich murder) to smear Trump is the question posed.

Maybe Kelly Morgan and lying MSM really just needs a Russian Chill Pill, just as the leader said!

Sources: Josh Caplan’s Twitter (Russian video linked)