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Merkel Comes Forward To Give German-North Korean War Announcement

Germany is flirting with the idea of not supporting Donald Trump as N.K. threatens America.

When people make NAZI references about German leader Angela Merkel, they are usually jabbing her for being dictatorial, devoid of common reasoning (by leaving the borders open for ISIS, for example), and for being prone to overspend no matter how much it hurts the German people. These were all things that Hitler did.

Most people don’t often mean that Merkel promotes the evils of WW2 Germany, yet today she seems to have hinted at siding with a man who feeds people to animals, starves his own population, and threatens the world with nuclear weapons. The Gateway Pundit has confirmed that “on Wednesday Angela Merkel told reporters Germany would not necessarily side with America in a war on North Korea.” Merkel really came forward to give what amounted to a German/North Korean unity war announcement.

Merkel is acting stranger and stranger as the years go forward. Now she may side with North Korea instead of the U.S.?

Maybe the manic Merkel is simply trying to leave no option off of the table, a page from Mr. Trump’s book. If so, she would be wise to remember that America doesn’t really need the E.U. economically nearly as much as the E.U. needs the U.S. This was shown by how England worried during their Brexit vote.

We should do more … We cannot simply insist on a diplomatic solution while we sit and do nothing,” the European Leader said.

While Berlin wants to see a peaceful end come to this Asian crisis, the E.U. under Merkel is acting as if Donald Trump is praying for war. This is a gross mischaracterization that shows that she has not listened to words of the White House nor of “Mad Dog” Mattis who, despite his name, has called for peace.

Perhaps America could even stop the war games which enrage China and North Korea, but that would mean that America would have to be able to talk to Kim Jong-un and trust his signature along with that of Chinese leader, Xi.

All of that, sadly, takes time.

If North Korea makes it impossible to wait and Germany would not side with the U.S., does that imply that they would not get involved or that they would side with dictatorship?

With Angel Merkel, we can only guess.

Source: The Gateway Pundit