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More Than One Presidential Book Being Released, Liberals Focus NOT On Past

Author Michael Wolff and his book about President Trump are receiving a lot of attention but another presidential book recently came out as well.

It is clear by now that liberals want nothing to do with history. They are still fighting to rid the country of Civil War monuments because the statues upset their delicate sensibilities. It is likely that a recently-released book is no less upsetting. They can’t stop the tell-all so they have chosen to simply ignore the past.

Media attention has been focused on the upcoming book about President Trump. While his supporters try to suppress the outlandish allegations contained, news outlets are blasting headlines such as the one from Newsweek claiming;


At the same time, a new book detailing former President Bill Clinton’s escapades has come out as well. While the book is actually about the role of the Secret Service, the author Gary J. Byrne, is a former Uniform Division officer and is known to have been at the center of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. There is little in the pages that will make the Clintons happy.

The Washington Examiner reports;

“A new book from one of his former Secret Service officers claims that Bill Clinton often snuck away from his wife and out of the White House to cozy up with “well-known and lesser-known mistresses,” and that a Secret Service officer in the motorcade was nearly killed in a crash during one secret escape.”

Let’s not forget that the same Democrats who supported (many still do) the Clintons are the ones calling for President Trump’s impeachment because he allegedly sexually harassed women.

An excerpt from the book about the crash that almost claimed an agent’s life reads;

“Word of what had happened to Reverend spread like wildfire through the Uniformed Division because any UD officer could have been in Reverend’s place. And although many would take a bullet for the president, what was the risk for? Were Clinton’s sordid personal affairs worth an officer’s life? Was that the duty we had signed up for, the reason we spent so much time away from our families?”

Bill Clinton is still not called a sexual predator, accused of sexual harassment, or even known as a man who cheats on his wife, not among his family’s supporters at least. They are desperate to paint President Trump as the worst man alive but supported a presidential candidate who is still married to Bill. Democratic hypocrisy at its best.

Source: Washington Examiner