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Mother, Daughter Busted As Police Find Them Offering ‘God’s Healing Energy’ With Illegal Erotics

What exactly did the mother and daughter do?

At first glance, the following story appears to be yet another instance of the government meddling where it need not be. Anne Dodge, 55, and Jennifer Dodge, 30, are a mother and daughter who ran a massage parlor (creepy, but not illegal) and Anne was arrested for giving massages without a license.

If the story ended there, that would be government overreach in action. However…

Breitbart News is reporting that this duo in Florida also had Jennifer performing sexual favors for money and that is where the story ventures into a realm seldom tread in, thankfully. “I am a beautiful, talented, licensed massage therapist whom God uses to bring his healing energy to you and bring you to a whole new level of ecstasy,” wrote Anna in a listing. Before long, however, this godly woman had people murmuring about prostitution with her own offspring.

Between the months of June and August, police went covert and found out what was happening in the massage parlor.

It can be argued that, as long as the people paying for the massage were aware that Anna Dodge was not licensed, she should not be hampered by authorities for giving anyone a rub down. For doing so, she was arrested and released on $4,000 bond the same day as her arrest.

Anne Dodge was arrested by police for disturbing practices.

What makes one’s skin crawl is the fact that the mother condoned the sexual prostitution of her own daughter. Jennifer was set free also once she paid $1,500 in bail. She has been arrested three times prior for the same offense.

We are left to wonder, how is it worse to give a message than to perform a sexual act? That makes no sense since more harm could potentially be done by STDs than a sore muscle.

However, even if one is in favor of policing prostitution like Nevada does in areas, who does this with their own daughter?

Our society is falling rapidly. Even if there were no fines for anyone involved, no court dates, and no jail/prison time awaiting, this case shows us that we are really losing our souls.

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