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Mueller Postpones Flynn’s Sentencing

It seems that all parties involved want a postponement.

General Michael Flynn has been a name synonymous with the turmoil that has bogged down the White House since President Trump won the election. Now, as the Washington Examiner reports, attorneys for “both special counsel Robert Mueller and President Trump’s former national security adviser want two more months until Michael Flynn is sentenced.”

While this may seem like a very strange item for the two sides to agree on, Mueller says that this is “due to the status of the special counsel’s investigation.” Likewise, attorneys for Flynn agreed to the delay after their client was found to have lied to the F.B.I. about meetings “with former Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in December 2016.”

The filing reads, “[T]he parties do not believe that this matter is ready to be schedule[d] for a sentencing hearing at this time.”

Flynn took a plea and is reported to be cooperating with the investigation. Still, some insiders and others have wondered if Flynn is not willing to say virtually anything to keep he and his son out of jail. It is been established that nuclear power plant talks were a very large part of the meetings.

It is written that the “next update would be in two months, or no later than June 29.”

While Flynn may have been the first letdown of Mr. Trump’s time in office, the president himself has said that Flynn is getting attacked for not understanding the questions more than anything else. Part of Flynn’s job involved talking to Russia, a fact even pointed out by Mr. Putin at the time.

Also, if Flynn is lying, nothing talked about seemed to have anything to do with election swindling.

It appears that other endeavors dealing with energy and personal gain may have been at work as well as Flynn’s attempts to halt nuclear proliferation with his dealings.

While illegal, such deeds are hardly worthy of the attacks that he is getting at it relates to Mr. Trump. None of this pertains to what the investigation was supposed to find.

So, while Flynn stays out of the clink for the summer’s start, it remains to be seen what will happen next in this never-ending witch hunt.