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Mueller Seeks More Money And Prosecutors For Witch Hunt

Mueller (pictured) is asking for money funds and manpower to carry on an investigation which should have never begun in the first place.

Just in time to dampen the afterglow of July Fourth fireworks, AOL News has reported that America is about to be more divided than ever as the needless witch hunt known as the Special Council Robert Mueller investigation is set to trudge onward without end. Now Mueller is asking for more funds and manpower to keep the ruse going on even longer.

Bloomberg News has confirmed that more prosecutors are being sought all to dethrone and smear what, so far, has appeared to be America’s rightfully elected leader. The apparently biased Mueller (who allowed known Trump-haters to be part of the investigation against the White House since day one) has been “recruiting U.S. attorneys and FBI agents to supplement his investigative team,” a report has verified, beefing up the cost on the dime of the people as he Muller tries to fabricate something from nothing.

Already, 17 prosecutors are wasting the taxpayer’s money to look into a campaign that likely had no illegal ties to Russia or Putin at all. This may be a sign that Mueller is going to want other departments handling parts of what has become a never-ending probe. There have been signs of this already.

It is known that “Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort Jr., and his business partner, Rick Gates” have been indicted along with 13 Russians, but nothing has pointed to any knowledge of acts in question being known of by the president, as the New York Times has written.

Since Democrats will try and use this ridiculous investigation to halt Donald Trump’s rightful nomination to the Supreme Court, this new request by Mueller matters a great deal.

The worst part of the whole affair is that there is not the slightest indication that the probe is warranted. Those condemning Trump seem to only be doing so in order to avoid prison terms, not because any facts are really to be had.

Furthermore, many of the crimes that are said to have been found have about as much to do with Russia as it does with pure fantasy.

No evidence has been unearthed to show that President Trump knew about, condoned, asked for, or accepted any Russian help as he beat Hillary Clinton fair and square.

For these reasons and many others, it is obvious for most thinking people to see that this is about pushing a dossier written by a former British spy in order smear America’s popular leader.

Now, Mueller wants more of everyone’s money to keep it going.