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Mueller’s Staff Meeting With Media With Transcripts Absent

Mueller (pictured) may have some questions to answer now that facts have come out about Carr.

Internal emails and texts have emerged from the Mueller investigation, True Pundit reported.

Emails have been released which show that Mueller’s office and “his team members” were “cavorting with mainstream media reporters outside the office.” This, to many experts, is not only strange, but unethical, too. Restaurants, bars, and even Starbucks were places used to communicate, so security issues have also been raised.

When conservatives and others suggested that things appear mildly shady as it related to Special Council Robert Mueller and his “witch hunt” of an investigation, it is usually labeled bias.

Peter Carr, the chief spokesman for Mueller and his so-called “team.” According to information which was released by Freedom Watch on Tuesday, “Carr’s out-of-the-office rendezvous and text conversations with the media elite in D.C.” is now known and proven.

Carr even admitted that he was fully aware that he was not to use his private cell phone in the office “but freely communicates with reporters off hours and weekends on his iPhone,” the texts also conveyed. This kind of lackadaisical thinking as it related to the whole issue of ethics is quite alarming to many pundits.

One of the problems is that the cell phone number of Carr is not listed as “an official contact number for the Special Counsel’s media relations office.” Only certain members of the media were given his number, as a matter of fact.

At this point, some people would be apt to ask if these media members would not be willing to print exactly what Carr wanted to be put out without analyzing it fairly for themselves. After all, these chosen few would not want to lose such a source, some people have suggested.

Then again, the Pundit had their own questions. They prudently asked, “is his phone secure? Is discussing details about Mueller’s sensitive and classified Trump investigation in a Starbucks secure?”

The emails even said that Carr “also conducted private calls with top media players.” No transcripts exist regarding what was said even though “the New York Times, Politico, the Washington Post and many others” were contacted.

Another highlight is the fact that there “are no records pinpointing how many private meetings the Special Counsel team had with Big Media. Or what was discussed.” This matters because the outlets listed in the emails and texts are all outlets which had news scoops on the Mueller investigation.

While it would be premature to say that Carr was the leaker, it’s reported “Special Council has a serious optics and confidentiality problem here.”

When the media asked Carr about these findings, he replied, “Thanks, Mike. I appreciate your reaching out. I’d point you to emails similar to one on August 25, 2017, to Eric Tucker at the AP:

‘I’ve been providing an educational briefing for interested reporters – not for attribution, just to help interpret the regulations and other public documents – about how the Special Counsel’s Office operates, what our rules are, etc.”

That reply, however, was reported to have failed the “smell test.” Larry Klayman, the “founder of Freedom Watch who sued Mueller for the emails in a FOIA legal battle. Klayman” is also a founder of Judicial Watch. He felt that these meetings lay “a foundation for grand jury leaks.

Some people would wonder, with this being true, are there other people related to this case who are doing similar things? If so, many wonder if they could be part of the leaking problem.

It all boils down to ethics, and in this witch hunt, many legal minds feel that the word is missing from Mueller’ office.