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Muslim Leaders Riot To Keep Israeli Defenses Down As Friday Attack Leaves Multiple Dead

Why is Islam against safety?The Temple Mount (pictured) has been a site for violence. Now metal detectors are being protested as a means to limit it.

When Israel gets attacked by Islamic terrorists (which happened again on Friday), they are often condemned for responding even when they are clearly the victim. Now it seems that even peaceful means of stopping terror, such as putting in metal detectors or a checkpoint is an affront to Islam, the Jerusalem Post reports.

Instead of thinking “Thankfully Isreal is making sure that everyone is safe,” the Muslim authorities are actually rooting for the terrorists by calling on Palestinians to avoid the Temple Mount. (It seems that if no bombs are going to go off, they should not go)

Two police officers were killed by Islamic madmen on Friday and yet there is no sympathy or understanding from Muslim leaders.

Thanks to the actions of terrorists, only two of the ten gates, “The Gate of the Tribes (Bab al-Asbat) and The Council Gate (Bab al-Majlis),” are open to the public. The “religion of peace” would likely think themselves ill-used if the shoes were on the other foot and such grief befell their holy spots.

Why is “peaceful” Islam having their actual authorities (not terrorist thugs) come out against “metal detectors next to each gate to monitor and prevent the smuggling of firearms into the compound” and the installation of security cameras?

Are we to imagine that there are no video cameras watching at Islamic holy sites? The hypocrisy of this religion is worse than their dress code.

Members of the Jerusalem Islamic Wakf, “the Muslim religious body that oversees the compound,” showed this hypocritical intolerance by protesting these common sense measures.

They have threatened to not return to the mosque, which really, may be yet ANOTHER win for peace and happiness when one really thinks about it. Hopefully, they never come back.

“This is a severe violation of the status quo,” griped heikh Omar al-Kiswani, the director of al-Aksa Mosque, located on the Temple Mount, who seems to be blind to the fact that the status-quo just got two police officers killed.

Those who wanted to pray and not be blown up were refused entrance when the protesters blocked the entrance, thus silencing those who do practice Islam peacefully.

Stern and ready.

Benjamine Netanyahu, though far from perfect, does not back down from Islamic terrorism.

The main problem with metal detectors is that they line up the people waiting to get in, thus making a very easy and unarmed target for terrorists (we see this at American amusement parks), so really, the metal detectors are not such a good idea. They are “security theater” and they do little to keep us safe, unless in an airport type of setting.

However, that is not the main rub here. Islam is protesting the fact that everyone deserves to be safe. They are not protesting the effectiveness of the idea, but the reason for it.

By doing so, it is very clear to see which side of peace the Muslim authorities really side with.

Source: The Jerusalem Post