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Muslim Mayor Abandons Board Member, Joining Islamic Council To Oust Her Instead

Mayor Mohamed Khairullah did not like the comment about Sharia law during his speech.

Islamophobia is the left’s newest obsession. They are quick to launch it as an accusation, even for rather benign comments about Muslims or their religion. This is what appears to have happened during a Prospect Park Board of Education meeting in New Jersey this week.

Mayor Mohamed Khairullah was speaking passionately about the need for more resources for Muslims in the town. On the video, a woman is heard, barely, commenting that “This is not Sharia law, this is an orderly session.”

That woman was board member Emma Anderson. The mayor does not appear to have even heard the statement while he was speaking, but someone obviously showed him the video. The next day he released the following statement of his own;

“Anyone who is capable of using such divisive terms against me is capable of using similarly hostile terms against others in the community. Therefore, I am calling for the immediate resignation of Board Member Emma Anderson and ask that the County Superintendent of Schools and the New Jersey Department of Education investigate the matter fully and take appropriate action based on the results of that investigation.”

If that seems an overreaction, you are not alone. However, other groups have come out in support of the mayor including the NJ chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Their executive director claimed, “Bigoted statements like those made by Ms. Anderson are extremely offensive and demonstrate a level of intolerance that should disqualify her from serving on any organization overseeing the education of children.”

Anderson said the mayor and his supporters are engaging in dangerous and vicious bullying tactics to anyone standing up to them. She posted a statement on Facebook.

The mayor’s bullying seems to have gone too far.

To clear thinking people, this comment doesn’t come close to bigoted hate speech. Clearly, Muslims and their supporters have reached the level of shutting anyone down quickly and effectively so they can get on with their agenda.

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