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Nation Shocked As Liberal Judge Rule No Additional Time For Illegal Killer

If the man on the left looks happy it is because he is. Matt Gonzalez is the public defender who got an illegal killer off with time served.

When Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was acquitted of the murder and assault of Kate Steinle in San Francisco the nation wept. The liberals did not, of course, they saw it as a victory for another illegal criminal. The rest of Americans, including President Trump, realized it was one of the greatest travesties of justice we had witnessed.

Now the country stands shocked again. A liberal judge has essentially allowed the man to walk free. Zarate will face no additional time for the felony possession of the firearm he used to kill the innocent 32-year-old woman.

If Zarate was an American man who had stolen a law enforcement officer’s gun and murdered a woman in broad daylight, liberals would be calling for cops to be disarmed or something similarly ridiculous.

Instead, Zarate gets four years of parole. He will remain in custody until federal charges are filed. That is the only bit of justice that was delivered today.

Apparently, the two-and-a-half-years that Zarate has spent in prison since the shooting was enough to satisfy the judge. After all, San Francisco is a sanctuary city and they wouldn’t want to offend the seven-time felon.

Many believe the officials who run San Francisco should be held responsible for Steinle’s death. Their sanctuary policies allowed Zarate back on the street where he murdered an innocent person in front of her family.

A federal jury has charged Zarate with the same charged, a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition as well as being an “illegally present alien” in possession.

Naturally, his lawyer is crying discrimination. Public defender Matt Gonzalez says the administration is just upset about his client’s acquittal. Let that sink in, taxpayers footed the bill for Zarate’s defense.

Immigration officials have also announced they will deport Zarate…again. Since that did no good the past five times, it is little consolation now.

The federal charges are this country’s last chance to grant Kate Steinle and her grieving family a little justice.

Source: Fox News