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New York’s Top Bishop Goes After Dems, Accuses Them Of Abandoning Catholics

The poor way that the democrat party treats Catholics is being addressed by this outspoken cardinal.

When President (then candidate) John F. Kennedy, a proud democrat, was known to be Catholic, it was a big deal. It is comparable to when presidential candidate Mitt Romney was a Mormon, it was simply something different. Today, J.F.K. would be mocked, ridiculed, and likely run out of his own party. The Free Beacon shows that “Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York” is not afraid to address the problem head-on, either.

Dolan was upfront about his “disappointment” over how pro-life liberals are treated by the democrats. He also felt that the “door” had been “slammed” on those dems by those who were/are “blocking education tax credit legislation that would give middle-class and low-income families choice between Catholic schools and public schools.”

Considering that those educated in Catholic schools tend to score far higher on almost every exam which they are given than poorly taught public school children, he has a point that cannot be missed. Why should only the rich get to enjoy the best things in life when it comes to education? Each taxpayer should be free to use what is produced by those funds as he or she sees fit, a truth that democrats shun.

In the Wall Street Journal, the cardinal wrote a work that is accurately titled, “The Democrats Abandon Catholics.” He talks about a pair of events and two people who have a “tremendous effect on the Archdiocese.”

To begin, with St. Patrick’s Day just having gone by, the writer mentioned that the Irishman is “the patron saint of his cathedral and archdiocese.” The revered saint brought to the mind of Dolan Archbishop John Hughes, a migrant who stood up for the Irish (who were often looked down upon) in the 19th century.

Hughes “initiated Catholic schools to provide children with a good education sensitive to their religion and to prepare them as responsible, patriotic citizens,” something that is quite applicable to the problems seen today in education. Some of those schools are still in operation, still producing the same kind of citizens, too.

Therefore, the cardinal called out democrats for “repeatedly blocking education tax credit legislation” that would allow this high-quality education to be open to everyone. His argument is, if faith means something to the people, why are they not supporting the spreading of His word?

Many Catholic democrats, as history shows, only became affiliated with the party since they supported unions and fair wages back in the days of Jimmy Hoffa. Much of their actual platform has little in common with the average person of God. This disconnect is what the holy man is showing in his article.

Democrats also used to be fiercely pro-life.

The “recent funeral of Dolores Grier” who was “an African-American woman who converted to Catholicism and was named vice chancellor of the archdiocese three decades ago by Cardinal John O’Connor” was the second occurrence which spawned the article. He writes that “Grier attributed her pro-life sensitivity to the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who preached that abortion was an act of genocide against minorities.”

Today, Jesse Jackson stand hand in hand with every abortion rights protestor who can make a sign.

Different people have differing views on the topic of abortion. Not every republican is pro-life, for example, and that is to be expected. However, since so many Catholics are proudly pro-life, it stands to reason that supporting democrats who all but worship the procedure is not the path that makes a lot of sense for such worshippers.

That, if nothing else, should cause more than a few people to stop and think about what they really support.