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Newest Study Reveals Horrifying Fate Of Europe, TRIPLED By 2050 As World Changes

What will happen if this continues?

A new study by Pew Research Center has revealed the terrifying truth of what lies in store for Europe. Their open border policies, pushed on citizens by liberal leaders, have resulted in countries being overrun with Muslim refugees. Now this study has shown that if migration continues in this fashion, the Muslim population in Europe will triple by the year 2050.

The study entitled “Europe’s Growing Muslim Population” began with the current population of approximately 25.8 million Muslims in Europe. Then three scenarios were applied, zero, moderate, and high migration in the coming years.

All three present a disturbing picture for Europe. If all migration were to cease today, a “zero migration” scenario, the population would rise from 4.9% to 7.4%. Since that is unlikely to happen, we move on to the next level.

Europe’s future depending on migration rates.

“Medium” migration level would be an end to the constant flow of migrants but “regular” migration would still continue. This would include people coming to Europe for other reasons than fleeing war and instability.

Under this scenario, the European Muslim population would grow to 11.2%, approximately 59 million.

Now we look at current levels of migration, considered high in this study. It is the largely unregulated, heavy influx of mostly Muslim refugees. This has occurred since 2014 and is responsible for many of Europe’s problems.

If this is to continue indefinitely by 2050 Muslims will make up 14% of Europe’s population. This would bring the number of Muslims to 75 million, nearly triple the current amount.

Certain countries will end up with many more Muslims than others.

Certain countries will end up with most of the population. It isn’t surprising to see Sweden at the top of the list. In this scenario, 30% of Sweden’s population would be Muslim. Austria and Germany’s Muslim population would increase to 19% of their total.

Britain’s share will also grow, Muslims would make up about 17.2% of the total population. Perhaps a little more surprising, Finland would grow to 15% and Norway to 17%.

The study also declares that “While Europe’s Muslim population is expected to grow in all three scenarios – and more than double in the medium and high migration scenarios – Europe’s non-Muslims, on the other hand, are projected to decline in total number in each scenario.”

Non-Muslim populations will decrease.

While some leaders in Europe and many of the citizens have finally begun to admit the issues associated with their open door policies, the migration continues. Liberal leaders such as Germany’s Angela Merkel push the agenda of allowing anyone in, no matter what. It is doubtful that even cold, hard facts like these will convince them.

Source: RT