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North Korea Conducts Drills As The U.S. Prepares To Confront Japan’s Terrible News

As North Korean drills (pictured) progress, those in Japan are told that they have ten minutes to prepare should NK attack them.

When China recently showed a great deal of fury over America putting THADD missile defense systems in South Korea due to it being able to “listen” in on Chinese communications, Donald Trump attempted so soothe President Xi. We know that North Korea celebrated their nation’s holiday by conducting military drills (as is common with the Hermit Kingdom) but they did refrain from any further nuclear testing.

Just the same, North Korea is lead by a very demented leader who will not hesitate (according to defectors who know) to launch either conventional and/or nuclear weapons at allies of America. The people of Japan today were told that they have a window of about ten minutes OR LESS to prepare for an attack from Kim Jong-un. The office of the Prime Minister released new information regarding the topic called “Actions to Protect Yourself” which stated the grim fact within it.

Japan has already suffered North Korean test missiles falling into shipping lanes and near the Sea of Japan. This has lead Fukui’s prefectural government to say on their website that, in the event that NK should attack, “evacuate to a substantial building or underground shopping area.”

It also said that if outside, “lie down under cover and away from windows if inside,” according to the Washington Post. This is a rehashing of the same useless drivel that was told to the U.S. during the days of the Cold War. In the event of a nuclear attack, ten minutes of time and advice to pretty much “lay in a ditch” is all that they are offered.

Those in Japan are told to hide “under something” if they are attacked by North Korea.

All of this matters greatly to those living in Japan not only because of the attack that they endured to end World War Two, but also because they are being doused daily by the ongoing poison spewing from the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster that is no closer to being resolved than it was in 2011.

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