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North Korea Now Moving Ballistic Missile Force As Shadow Falls On Guam

Secretary of Defense James Mattis is trying to solve this crisis without resorting to war, but N.K. has left few other options on the table.

The eyes of the world are on the tiny dot in the Pacific Ocean. Most prophecies see the end of the world happening in the Middle East, and while that may be true, that is not to say that horrendous bloodshed, warfare, and even (God forbid) nuclear launches couldn’t all happen before the final day arrives in places like North Korea and the tiny little island of Guam.

This could regrettably be the case if cooler heads do not prevail as Twitter user Ankit Panda points out that North Korean ballistic missiles have been moved within the last “12ish” hours and it may have been prior to the U.S.’s confirmed flight of B1B’s. This movement of WMD casts a dreadful shadow over Guam as troops await orders there.

PhD. Adam Mount, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress for Nuclear and Defense policy has said that “DPHK has issued a clear threat launch missiles toward Guam if B-1B flights continue. The U.S. has not responded.

He also tweets, “If this is true, the U.S. may have responded four hours ago, treating the NK threat as a bluff. NK doesn’t yet know.

Meanwhile, the president has been talking tough and ready while U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis and others work to find a peaceful end to this growing instability.

Trump himself has also implored Kim Jong-un to seek another “path” as the two stand nose to nose on the brink of war.

Red State has informed us also that Japan “has moved its Patriot missiles to attempt an interception, or so it seems, during the boost phase of any launch.”

They have seen two nuclear weapons detonated on their nation and they suffer currently from a nuclear crisis that is far worse than anything that N.K. could build, so they are not about to allow any more radiation into Japan, that is for certain.

Kim Jong-un (pictured portly in blue) is seemingly baffled by the fact that Trump will not back down.

The top concern now is that North Korea could send missiles up as a show of defiance (to save face with the population) and, with only 18 minutes for Trump and his team to decide if this is a genuine attack on Guam, the U.S. could have to attack before certain of Kim Jong-un’s sadistic intent.

This is precisely why the U.S. has warned so sternly for the Hermit Kingdom to NOT test the United States because tensions have reached such a point that any launch is now likely considered an attack.

Hopefully, the tyrant got the memo.

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