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North Korean Defector Discloses Truth Of Brutal Prisons, Numbers Are Altered

Kim Jong-un is covering up how vile his prison camps really are.

During World War Two, the German doctors who were conducting monstrous experiments on Jews, Gypsies, and others had time to destroy their logs. To this day, no one really knows how far sinister doctors like Mengele got or the full scope of the horror endured by their test subjects. Some reports say that he and others sewed more than one person together to make one dreadful being that died soon after creation, but no one knows for sure.

Kim Jong-un is covering up how vile his prison camps really are.

Likewise, the evils of Kim Jong-un in North Korea may forever be likewise hidden as the leader “forced officials to stop reporting deaths at North Korea’s notorious prison camps,” according to prisoners who have escaped, Fox News reports. The abused North Korean national also tells of “hard labor, bribery, and torture,” all of which were suffered by that trapped in the hell of the Hermit Kingdom’s prison.

North Korean defectors have long told of the deeds which are hidden and shrouded in ominous secrecy, as Teddy Stick has shownAccording to the Daily NK that he had access to medical records “at Tongrim correctional labor camp illustrated significantly fewer deaths in 2014 compared to 2011.” That is the year that Kim Jong-un came to power after the death of his heavily ridiculed father, Kim Jong-il.

What few photos we have of North Korean prison workers show a thinned down and sickened workforce.

Once when I caught the flu, I was able to contact my family and have them bring medicine. While I was there, I was able to take a peek at a book detailing five years of medical records for the infirmary,” said the prisoner. The fact that he was even allowed the luxury of having medicine taken to him or to even see the outside world again (much less his family) is unheard of.

He must have been a model inmate, something that would have been ruined if he had been caught snooping in the book, so his action was quite brave. “In 2011, 50 percent of the prisoners succumbed to their illnesses, but for some reason, these numbers decreased in 2014, according to the records,” he observed.

The prisoner said that Kim Jong-un fudged the numbers on purpose in order to keep the international community off of his back. “When Kim Jong Un came to power, he questioned the officials that oversaw the labor education centers and correctional labor camps about the high death rates,” the man said.

The result was that prison officials were instructed not to record the deaths of overworked prisoners, so the numbers improved thereafter,” he added. In other words, if the person in question was worked to death against all standards of accepted decorum, he or she was listed as a normal death, if logged at all.

The horrors of N.K.’s prison camps are legendary.

Prisoners were forced into hours upon hours of  “making fake eyelashes that would be exported to China.” The slaves in the work camp were given a quota and if they missed it, their already bare-bones meal rations would be cut in half. This was another reason that people collapsed from overwork, he conveys.

I heard that there was a female guard that beat the female prisoners even more viciously than the male guards,” the abused man admitted. “They really did not consider us as humans by the way they beat us so harshly, sometimes to death,” The idea that prisoners are not fully human is something that NAZI’s share with the D.P.R.K.

The people were given to bribery if the prisoner was from a well to do family. If not, they were often left to fend for themselves.

Keep in mind, we are talking people who were put into prison often for having committed no crime whatsoever. An accusation can be enough to send three generations of a family to the camp for life.

…and this is the man who has his finger on the nuclear button.

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